No holding back Brett this year!

He is a regular and very familiar face on the Crop Over scene. And this year, it will be no different for Brett Linton. He is eagerly anticipating Crop Over 2015.

Bajan Vibes caught up with Brett during a recording session at Slam City Studios, and he brought us to speed with exactly what he has been up to.

“This year I have two tracks. One is with Blood from Reddhead Records, and the other is with Slam City,” he said.

Before the interview, he was recording one of his new tracks –– No Holding Back, which he said was something new. And he believes it will do really well.


“I was in the studio with Chris Alman. We were trying to come up with a song and concept that no one ever really came with before. No one ever really sang about not holding back; and that concept came, and that’s how the song came about.

“The track Not Holding Back is about going out having a ball; not about work all the time. Just go out enjoy the vibes and enjoy the soca,” Brett said.

He told Bajan Vibes he was really going all out to better himself and his music.

The many moods of Brett Linton.
The many moods of Brett Linton.

“Every year around this time, I try really hard to excel as a musician. Every year, I have to bring out something fresh to the people and keep it current, keep the vibe up, keep the soca living; and I believe soca is on its way up.”

When asked how and when does he know he has a good song, Brett said it all came down to a feeling.

“It’s a vibe . . . you get when you know it’s the right song. With me, I always let my friends hear my demos, so that they can say, ‘Yea, I’m feeling this’, or ‘No, I’m not; go back to the drawing board’,” he explained.

Speaking to soca music generally in Barbados, Brett believes that every year the music is getting even better. He described last year as one of the best yet.

“I firmly believe that all eyes will be on Barbados to see what music we are going to produce this year. We had a great year last year; there was a lot of good music; the competition was definitely tight,” he added.

Furthermore, Brett said, he was pleased to see the music being brought our earlier and earlier each year; and he credited that to the trend set by veteran calypsonian and producer Blood.

“No questions asked, every year Blood releases just after the Reggae Festival, and people have been realizing that it is going to be a difficult process to try and beat Blood out of the gates.

“So I believe Blood has started a good trend in releasing the soca music early, so that people know Crop Over is here. May is the perfect time to start releasing,” Brett said.

Brett told Bajan Vibes that for him “Crop Over is about the camaraderie, the vibe. Soca is what we call the happy music. For me soca is love”.

The performer had some advice for aspiring artistes, encouraging them not to be afraid of the industry.

“The thing about it is, if you don’t get past the fear, you would never know. The best thing you can do is make an attempt. Keep on trying, and you will get through.”

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