Art as therapy for cancer

Art has become very therapeutic for cancer patients, compliments of the Barbados Cancer Support Services. And this is the fourth year the society, in Belmont Road, St Michael, has put on its art exhibition at the end of a series of classes held at its headquarters.

Adalia Agard, a senior member of the art class, said yesterday’s exhibition was used as a way to display the work of the patients, and also encourage others to get involved.

“[The Barbados Cancer Support Services] thought it would be a good idea to use as therapy, the art work; so that’s how it started . . . We do doodling, papermaking, painting, etcetera. We encourage other patients who suffer from cancer to come and join the classes.

For cancer patient Sonja Blenman, art is a great way to relax and take her mind off therapy
For cancer patient Sonja Blenman, art is a great way to relax and take her mind off therapy
Some of the cards made of newspaper in the art class.
A portrait of one of the counsellors.
A piece from the collection.
The unique piece of a cancer patient.

“That’s is why we have the exhibition so other patients would see, and want to become a part of it,” Agard explained.

She said the art classes, which are held on Tuesdays between 10:30 a.m. and noon, “definitely served to take the patients’ minds off their illness”.

“It’s relaxing for all students . . . . You get involved in it; so you don’t have time to really think about you illness,” she added.

Sandra Blenman, who has been a part of the course for two years, said the classes had “definitely been beneficial” to her and that she thoroughly enjoyed them.

“I never knew anything about drawing. I never thought I could be an artist; but I came to the class and learnt, and I loved it; and it has now become my hobby. It really takes your mind of the therapy,” Blenman said.

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