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All hail Mr Bridgetown

Shaquille Lavine dominates the stage

Mr Bridgetown was bigger and better this year with forty athletes hitting the Combermere School stage in phenomenal shape and giving the audience an action-packed night on Saturday.

In the end Shaquille Lavine became the fourth man to do the double of Mr. Teenager and Mr. Bridgetown in the same night since 1991. He followed in the large footsteps of Patrick Nicholls (1976), Jefferson Phillips (1987) and Therold Babb.

Shaquille Lavine - Mr. Bridgetown and Mr. Teenager.

Shaquille Lavine – Mr. Bridgetown and Mr. Teenager.

The Stadium Gym trio of Kammeko Byer, Laslo Byron and Myekelti Clarke have all improved and are a credit to the work done by coach Valance Humphrey. They finished third, fourth and fifth respectively and were not disgraced in the Mr Teenager contest.

Lamar Coward was the surprise bodybuilder of the night. With an impressive thigh sweep and large muscle bellies, he brought the conditioning that pushed the eventual champ Lavine to his limit. This Fitness Workshop gem just has to bring up his upper body and arms as he continues to grow and looks to be a natural light-heavyweight in the making.

Lamar Coward showed much promise on Saturday night.

Lamar Coward showed much promise on Saturday night.

 Shaquille was slightly bigger than in 2014 and displayed eye-popping muscle detail in all areas. Another asset is the pleasing proportions and balance he showcased on the stage. The tendency to lean backwards and crouch during posing are areas he must try to improve this year.

 Fitness champ Nikita Robinson from Surfside Wellness has not been seen since her Junior World Championships appearance in Poland late in 2009. Her biggest improvements are in the shoulders, back and arms. Thighs have always been her strong point but separation in the quads and excellent hamstrings were also evident.

 The fitness routine consisted of many strength moves and a gymnastic pole fitness segment displaying upper-body and core strength. Nikita has to work on her transitions and speed during the routine but it was great to see her back
on stage.

 Elsie Mofford was an impressive junior body fitness winner. This Brute Force representative has an excellent structure and the gracefulness to compliment her figure. Nakisha Downes is talented but needs to improve her conditioning and develop her upper body.

 Mr Novice was a riveting duel involving eight guys striving to make names for themselves. Roger Streaks was significantly better than at the 2014 nationals and finished fourth. Coward was impressive enough to place third. Second was David Small (Fitness Workshop) who has a pleasing, defined proportionate physique but at his height requires more muscle mass.

 Tyrone Mayers, the head of De Krackan’s Gym, led by example and was cut to ribbons as he prevailed to win his first division. His calves are lagging and affecting his proportions but his posing was dramatic. Mayers is an example of perseverance and triumph in the face of adversity as he has overcome the unfortunate loss of his right ring finger, to make a comeback his orthopaedic doctor thought impossible.

Tyrone Mayers was impressive.

Tyrone Mayers was impressive.

 Hadley Hoyte has come of age as the under 174cm Men’s Physique champion. He possesses a physique capable of also being a top bodybuilder. Shone Springer has made a successful transition to physique after years of being a bodybuilder. He has mature muscle development and was a deserving runner up. Springer must remember to relax and not flex the arms and clench his fists. Former Mr Bridgetown Kevin Edwards (third) was charismatic but his conditioning was not up to his former standard and he must adjust the side pose to accentuate his V taper.

Hadley Hoyte brought favourable comments from the fans at Combermere.

Hadley Hoyte brought favourable comments from the fans at Combermere.

 Vegetarian Ryan Haynes was a deserving winner of the over 174cm Men’s Physique as he brushed away his eight competitors. He has been knocking on the door of a major title for the last two years and now has the confidence to own it. Allan Reid of De Krackan’s Gym and Duane Lucas of Strike Force were second and third respectively.

Ryan Haynes the vegetarian.

Ryan Haynes the vegetarian.

 The switch from Bikini Fitness to Body Fitness worked as Kara-Lynn Belle emerged Miss Bridgetown, defeating an improved Kathy-Ann Greenidge who failed to defend her title. Belle has to reduce her body fat to show clarity in her physique and develop her hamstrings to improve her thighs from the side. Greenidge was better than 2014 and possessed the best back as well as improved thigh size and firmness.

Kara-Lynn Belle won Miss Bridgetown.

Kara-Lynn Belle won Miss Bridgetown.

 The tendency to shake excessively in contraction might have caused her the title as from the rear it gave the exaggerated suggestion of poor lower body conditioning. Sandra Rudder from Body by Kirk is a mature athlete in her first show and was understandably nervous. She has a lean physique and can do better as her body and confidence improve.

Shakira Douglin is blessed with a natural bikini body and now shows the confidence and charm lacking last season. She looks like a woman on a mission and this Miss Bridgetown win makes her a top contender for the 2015 Nationals. Janesia Pitt (2014 Barbados Bikini Cup Champion) was second and displayed the biggest improvements in the line-up from last season. Pitt has reduced her waist and appreciably tightened up her physique but like Douglin lacks abdominals. Vicki-Ann Hope is gorgeous and completed the quality top three. If Hope can reduce her thighs and tighten the glutes it will be fascinating to see how the other girls cope.

Shakira Doughlin was the best of the best in bikini.

Shakira Doughlin was the best of the best in bikini.

The marquis Mr Bridgetown bodybuilding competition initially looked like a straight fight between Shaquille Lavine and Kirk Alleyne. Alleyne had the largest torso and arms of the field with the definition to match. From the front the thigh development was lagging somewhat but he was hard as nails. The side poses started to reveal Alleyne’s major weakness in the hamstrings, which were smaller than expected. Even though smaller, Shaquille had the proportions and definition to match Kirk and pulled away with his striated glutes, glute -hamstring tie in and Christmas tree. It was all over.

When the dust settled Tyrone Mayers was second, David Small third and Alleyne fourth.

Evidently the judges were saying that with improved lower body development and balance Alleyne would be scary.

 (Photographs by Wayne Lewis)

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