COLUMN – Over the moon about Vincie Gospelfest

She is now back home after performing at two of the biggest events to culminate the 2015 St Vincent And The Grenadines Gospelfest, and she is over the moon.

Recording Christian artist Neesha Wood is describing her experience at that Gospelfest as nothing less than awesome.

Neesha told High Note everything was incredible: from the welcome she received to the response from the audiences during her singing ministry at the Clive Tannis Playing Field in Bequia on May 2 and at Victoria Park the following night.

Her trip also bore other fruit.

Neesha Woodz
Neesha Woodz

“I got to make a lot of contacts with the NBC Radio over there. When I came back as well, a lady, she messaged me. She wanted to get my music [recorded], so she could start playing on the station regularly so people could get more accustomed to the music. So I believe where the music is concerned, that a foot is in the door . . . ,” Neesha said.

She recalled that even though she had performed in St Vincent last year with international Christian artist Tasha Cobbs and got a “really good” reception, “I found that this particular time, it was really, really receptive”.

“I mean I had mixed the set with a few covers. I found that even though people knew the covers and they responded of course to the covers, I found when it came to Adrenaline [one of her hit singles] . . . I just taught them the chorus on the spot, and the people got on so crazy!”

Neesha noted that in as much as she was making a new album now, she discovered that Adrenaline was the benchmark song for the past and present.

“So Adrenaline is that one song that really put me out there,” she added.

This quickly rising star said patrons approached her after her performances, telling her they were truly blessed by her music ministry. She said even globally-acclaimed singing evangelist Bridget Blucher –– who performed at the same two events as Neesha –– was quite impressed.

Neesha said the chairman of the St Vincent And The Grenadines Gospelfest was glad to meet her and wanted her back next year.

“Just thinking about the experience, I am lost for words. I mean the adrenaline . . . , and the atmosphere was charged. I can
say that it even rivalled the response I get in Barbados.”

Further, Neesha boasted she felt right at home.

“I even told them it was my fourth time in St Vincent, but the second time ministering. So I told them that I am officially a Vincie now, which they greatly applauded,” she said with laughter.

Neesha told High Note it was as if she was supposed to be there at that point in time; and she was glad she grabbed the opportunity to go. She thanked executive producer of the Barbados Gospelfest, Adrian Agard, and his wife for making it possible for her to perform in St Vincent.

She disclosed, too that while having lunch with Blucher in St Vincent, this international headline gospel artist had invited her to return to that country to perform with her at an upcoming concert in one of the Grenadine islands. The mater is currently under negotiation.

Bridget Blucher
Bridget Blucher

“And I also met one of the guys who actually ended being one the backup singers. After I spoke to Bridget she told me there is this young guy she wanted me to connect with. And when she told me the name I said, ‘Wait, this is the same guy that backed me up’. Apparently he is a really good promoter in St Vincent. So some connections have been made to get back there for sure.”

Meanwhile, Neesha is currently preparing to launch her second album, hopefully on August 8 this year. She noted that this year she was dealing with 8s. Eighth month, eighth day.

While she has not yet decided on a title, the CD is so far likely to comprise 13 tracks, including soca, reggae, worship and even alternative music to reflect her versatility.

“I am not sure what I am going to name this second one yet, because . . . I am sure that I lost sales because of that [naming my first album I Need You, instead of Adrenaline, a more appealng song].

“People might come and see I Need You . . . . They might not necessarily take it up; but if they see Adrenaline, they might say, ‘Yeeh!’.”

This top Barbadian gospel artist has learned her lessons, and is saying that based on the response received from two singles she will be “dropping” in the coming weeks, she would determine what she titles the album.

“It could very well be the same Fire Fire, or another one that a guy from Trinidad is producing for me –– So Amazing,” she stated.

In the meantime, she is extremely excited about the first single from her upcoming album which she will release next week –– Fire Fire.  Neesha feels Fire Fire, a soca selection, will be the hit song from that album.

“This one is going to be nice,” she said.

Neesha announced that a collaboration was expected to be done next week –– one of two. There will be four collaborations altogether: two from Barbados, and the others from Trinidad. Neesha said she would also be employing several different producers for the first time on this album.

As far as the launch event for the album is concerned, Neesha is now working out those details. But, from what she has confided in me, it will be differently great.

By the way, Neesha is also performing at this year’s Barbados Gospelfest, which runs from May 24 to 31.

That’s it for now.

Blessings. I’m outta here!

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