Wheelchair-bound prisoner wants an ease


A wheelchair-bound prisoner asked Magistrate Douglas Frederick today to grant him a final adjournment in his matter.

Bryan O’Neal Small did not enter the dock but addressed the court from the aisle of the courtroom.

The accused lives at 37 Martins Road, Pinelands, St Michael.

He pleaded not guilty previously to the January 2013 offences of possession, trafficking and intent to supply just over a pound
of marijuana.

He made representation to the District ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court today that he has been coming to court for the past two years and the prosecution still had no file.

Small made reference to being in the wheelchair and the inconvenience it causes in transporting him to and from prison, to attend court.

“You had bail on this matter though?” asked Magistrate Frederick.

“Yes Sir.”

“So why are you still in jail?”

“On another matter, Sir,” Small responded.

Acting Station Sergeant Neville Watson said he understood Small’s sentiments and he would endeavour to have the file by the next occasion.

Magistrate Frederick granted the final adjournment for the file to be produced.

One Response to Wheelchair-bound prisoner wants an ease

  1. Mac10 May 7, 2015 at 9:17 am

    If after 2yrs & they can’t produce a file for a pound of weed, the case should be dismissed.


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