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Ball is in your hands

Young netballers urged to seize all opportunities

Young netballers participating in the 2015 Pine Hill Dairy-sponsored National Sports Council’s (NSC) Primary Schools Netball Competition were today told the importance of utilizing all opportunities in life presented to them.

Those words of advice came from interim general manager of the NSC and the Gymnasium Limited, Jerry Blenman, who addressed a total of 41 teams on parade this morning at the Garfield Sobers Sports Complex where the official ceremony for the competition now in its 33rd year took place.

St Gabriel's (blue and white) played St Silas (yellow and blue) during the rally.

St Gabriel’s (blue and white) played St Silas (yellow and blue) during the rally.

Danielle Jones of St George Primary looks to shoot the ball against St Lukes Brighton.

Danielle Jones of St George Primary looks to shoot the ball against St Lukes Brighton.

Blenman shared his experience of playing basketball which he said was a pastime and totally different to that of the legendary NBA superstar Michael Jordan who he said also played in his time.

“A few years ago I played basketball. At the time that I played basketball Michael Jordan was also playing basketball. A ball in my hand was recreation for me. I was doing the very same thing that Michael Jordan was doing. I was dribbling the ball, running to the hoop and I was scoring and it was an excellent pastime for me. A ball in my hand was a pastime, it was an experience very different to that of Michael Jordan. A ball in Michael Jordan’s hand translated into a major experience, one that earned him millions of dollars, one that created an experience for him that resulted in not only him becoming a top athlete but also the opportunity to create a business out of sports.

 “A ball in my hand was therefore recreational. A ball in his hand was an experience of a lifetime. Each of you have the opportunity in this competition to have a ball in your hand, you have to determine what you will do with a ball in your hands in these initial years as you enter into the sport of netball. You do what you think you need to do with the ball in your hand,” Blenman said.

Assistant director of sports at the NSC, Mona Alleyne, reminded the young netballers that while this might be the start of competition for them, they should not let it be the end. “There is a lot more in sport that you can benefit from and as you grow older like me you should still be playing netball,” Alleyne stressed.

 After the ceremony prizes were given out to the three best dressed teams on parade with St Bartholomew Primary emerging the winners, while the reigning queens of the tournament, Blackman and Gollop Primary, were adjudged second and Vauxhall Primary, third.

Reigning queens Blackman and Gollop are all smiles.

Reigning queens Blackman and Gollop are all smiles.

Several teams took part in a netball rally which involved a number of shortened games.

Competition is set to commence tomorrow at various venues across the island.

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