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Umpires give useful tips at training

Members of the Barbados Umpires Cricket Association (BUCA) were advised during a training session that professionalism and helpfulness towards their colleagues were very important when it came to working within a team environment.

The session was conducted yesterday evening at Kensington Oval by seasoned ICC umpires Billy Bowden, Andy Pycroft, Bruce Oxenford and Stephen Davis who are in Barbados for the third Test between West Indies and England.

(From left) Billy Bowden, Bruce Oxenford, Andy Pycroft, Stephen Davis and president of BUCA Gregory Brathwaite.

(From left) Billy Bowden, Bruce Oxenford, Andy Pycroft, Stephen Davis and president of BUCA Gregory Brathwaite.

The international umpires shared their wealth of knowledge with the locals who had several questions. Bowden in particular had strong words of advice and told them they must believe in themselves and always have faith. “It is tough but you got to remember you are always a part of the decision and you got to do it to the best of you abilities. Listen to your inner voice and the less distraction you have as it pertains to your mental game the better,” he said.

The New Zealand-born Bowden explained that being true to one self was important. He said seeking constant self-improvement was also very important.

“Just go out there and give it a hundred per cent and don’t take the game for granted.”

Pycroft, the current match referee for the tour between West Indies and England, explained that the most important aspect of their job was to make sure that the team worked as a unit.

“We are all individuals and everyone has his own needs and each has his own style of umpiring, obviously, and it is [important] to make sure that those individual requirements are met,” Pycroft said.

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