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Nation trial

Newspaper trio back in court

Corporate Affairs Officer Norman Mason was the third witness in the case against three Nation Publishing employees whose case continued today before acting Magistrate  Alliston Seale.

Mason testified in the District “A” Magistrates Court in the matter where Vivian-Anne Lenora Gittens, 63, a publisher of #11 Kent, Christ Church; Roy Ricardo Morris, 53, of #118 Warrens Park South, St Michael; and journalist Sanka Louis Price from Corner of Derriston & Grazettes Main Road, St Michael, have been accused of publishing an indecent photograph of two teens in 2013, while being employees of the Nation Publishing Company Limited.

Nation Publishing Co. Ltd. CEO and publisher Vivian-Anne Gittens (left) Editor-in-Chief Roy Morris (centre) and Editor Sanka Price (right)                                                     at a previous court appearance.

Nation Publishing Co. Ltd. CEO and publisher Vivian-Anne Gittens (left) Editor-in-Chief Roy Morris (centre) and Editor Sanka Price (right) at a previous court appearance.

The witness referred to Corporate Affairs records today, which he said he was authorised to speak from. His workplace kept record of all companies operating in the island and those showed that the Nation is registered as a publishing company under the laws of Barbados.

He also read the names of the Directors, including Gittens, who became one in 2011.

So far, acting Magistrate Seale has also heard evidence from the principal of the rural secondary school, which the students attend, and Director of the National Library Service, Annette Smith.

The case will continue on May 11.    

Source: (Sandra Downes)

2 Responses to Nation trial

  1. Tony Webster April 23, 2015 at 6:39 am

    I await the statement from the Nation Publishing Company limited, through it’s relevant spokes-person(s), and /or that of the several defendants, as and when this “legal process” has been completed. The genesis, and the process of the application of The Law in this case, deserves to be subjected to the full, vigourous, searing, searching force of public examination. A top-to-bottom MRI-scan, if you will, of the “corpus” of this country. No less.

    The outcome of this case; it’s subtleties; it’s deeper meanings and the precedents-in-the-making, all should be compelling reading for each and every breathing Bajan who loves their country, and wishes to safe-guard, preserve, and protect its core values, for posterity. I pray this day comes soon.

    Meanwhile, I posit that, besides the defendants names writ on legal paper, there are possibly yet other “defendants” involved. Their time will also come…no matter how long those wheels grind finely.

  2. Alec Pierre April 23, 2015 at 1:16 pm

    Re. Tony Webster’s comment, I heartily


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