Combermere classes could be relocated

Students and teachers at the Combermere School in Waterford, St Michael could be attending classes at another location for the remainder of this term.

Barbados Secondary Teachers Union President Mary Redman,
Barbados Secondary Teachers Union President Mary Redman

President of the Barbados Secondary Teachers Union, Mary Redman, made the suggestion today to Ministry of Education officials during a meeting at the Ministry’s headquarters on Constitution Road, St Michael after it was reported that 10 students fell ill on Tuesday — the first day of the new school term.

Complaining about what she deemed to be an unhealthy environment at the school, Redman pointed out that tests were to be carried out on the soil and rock formation at Combermere. Therefore, she said it would be dangerous to expose the student body and the teaching staff to any contaminants in the soil.

During today’s meeting members of staff indicated to union officials that they were not willing to return to the environment until all of the recommendations made by environmental health team were put in place.

However, it is now left to officials of the Ministry of Education to make a decision on the proposal for relocation. When contacted this evening Chairperson of the school’s board of Management Jessica Browne said she would rather not comment at this stage since the Ministry was dealing with the matter.

Just yesterday, the Ministry announced in a press release that the school would be closed for the remainder of the week, in order to address environmental concerns.

However, the statement said Caribbean Secondary Examination Certificate (CSEC) Spanish Orals would continue at the school as scheduled on Thursday and Friday.

“The Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation regrets any inconvenience caused,” it added.

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  1. Tony Waterman April 23, 2015 at 7:42 pm

    I was one of the First Cohort attending Combermere School at Waterford, we were at the Drill Hall, The Garrison from 1955 and came to Waterford in 1958.
    I also Grew up in Bush hall, not far from where the School in now situated, this land was formerly part of Bush hall Plantation, and was used for the Cultivation of Sugar canes, and therefore i don’t believe that there would be any Chemical Soil Contamination (57 yrs Later) , Year before Last whilst i was on vacation, i always visit the Old Alma mater, to hang out and reminise, and i noticed that there were quite a few Window AC units in the Building, these are very dangerous if not Maintained properly(Bacteria etc) , i was also wondering when last were those wells around the School cleaned Cleaned ? they are quite a few of them, and LAST BUT NOT LEAST, has any of the “EXPERTS” Hired to evaluate the situation, tested/taken any samples of the air, coming from the East (Hothersal Turning) of the School through The Waterford Bottom.
    One more thing, Has ANYONE (Expert) taken a look inside the Roof of that Building, to see how much Bird (Pigeon) Droppings have accumalted there over the years, if no one has look there as yet, i’ll bet you Dumplins to Doughnuts That’s your Problem, Rotted Bird excrement.


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