Senior Games next Saturday

The 2015 National Seniors Games initially scheduled for two days will now take place on April 18 at the National Stadium and organizers have promised lots of fun and excitement with Co-sponsors Q FM Radio and Q in the Community on board.

Minister of Constituency Empowerment and Social Care, Steve Blackett at Friday's media briefing.
Minister of Constituency Empowerment and Social Care, Steve Blackett at Friday’s media briefing.

Speaking at a press conference this morning at the stadium today, Minister of Constituency Empowerment and Social Care Steve Blackett said entry for the games would be free and assured the general public that even though the stadium’s stands were off limits, there were other facilities which were available, safe and accessible.

“Yes. The stands are off limits but other facilities including the athletics track, football field, velodrome and the outer perimeters to the east and south east of the stadium are still available, accessible and safe for the use of the general public,” Blackett said.

The minister explained persons attending the games would gain entry into the stadium through the Nova Scotia gates once they obtained their tickets from the National Sports Council, the National Assistance Board and CS Pharmacy in Bridgetown. Those who are unable to go to those respective locations for their tickets can collect them on the morning of the games.

There are about 450 athletes who have entered the road race and the track and field events.

Blackett noted that there was a plan for tents and comfortable seating for patrons.

It was revealed that there would be provisions made for persons with disabilities. The games will commence at 10 a.m.

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