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Payday 2 come April 15

The wait is finally over. Payday 2 is here. And who doesn’t love when payday arrives.

This highly anticipated movie comes out on April 15, and from all reports, it’s one not to be missed.

Payday 2 movie

Producer and director Shakirah Browne said moviegoers could expect much more.

“The second Payday is a lot better and funnier than the first. We are addressing more social issues in this one. I think this one will appeal to a wider international audience,” Shakirah explained.

And she told Bajan Vibes that she was eagerly awaiting the public’s response to this movie.

Shakirah and her team first won the hearts of Bajan audiences, both in Barbados and across the world, when they brought out Payday, which was screened to sell-out cinema audiences in Barbados for 13 consecutive weeks, subsequently winning Best Full Length Feature Film, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor and Best Script at the inaugural Barbados Visual Media Awards last year.

If you have not yet seen Payday, do so as soon as possible, so you might better apprciate Payday2. Don’t be left out of the do.

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