Cultural practitioners show interest in new concessions

More than 100 people have signed up to benefit from incentives and concessions under the Cultural Industries Development Act since the National Registry of Artistes and Cultural Workers was launched last month.

The registry was one of the immediate initiatives of the Cultural Industries Development Authority (CIDA) that was established following the proclamation of the Act on February 1 to manage and regulate Barbados’ creative sector.

The registry serves as a directory of Barbadian artistes and cultural workers and those who want to access concessions are required to register with or through the directory.

CIDA’s functions include: promoting, assisting and facilitating the efficient development of the cultural industries; designing and implementing suitable marketing strategies for the effective promotion of the cultural industries; maintaining a registry of the applications of the cultural practitioners or cultural entrepreneurs submitted to the Minister and the approvals granted in respect of those applications; determining the eligibility of cultural projects for funding; processing the applications for concessions and benefits to be accessed under this Act;  and monitoring and inspecting each approved cultural project to ensure the compliance of the cultural practitioner or cultural entrepreneur or governmental entity with the terms and conditions governing the approved project.

The day to day operations of CIDA are being managed by a Board comprising chairman Dr Adrian Cummins Q.C., deputy chair Shelly Williams, Dr Sandra Browne, Gilbert Rowe, Kevin Hinds, Richard Haynes, Malcolm Smith, Alison Rice-Beckles, chief executive officer of the National Cultural Foundation Cranston Browne and the chief executive officer of the Barbados Investment Development Corporation Sonja Trotman and Ruth Blackman, the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth.

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