Ace Hood wakes ’em up!

I woke up in a new Bugatti,

I woke up in a new Bugatti.

At some point, many of us have found ourselves singing the catchy lyrics to this popular song Bugatti by Ace Hood.

Last weekend, the popular American rapper was in town; and many of his fans assembled at the Jolly Roger dockside in The City to see him perform. And they were not disappointed.

Ace Hood performing his hit song Bugatti.
Ace Hood performing his hit song Bugatti.

Ace Hood sang a number of his songs, some of which the Bajan audience were not too familiar with; but the danced along anyway. But as soon as the intro to Bugatti, the song he is most popularly known for, was played, the crowd was ready, singing along with him word for word.

The crowd was captivated by Ace Hood’s presence.
The crowd was captivated by Ace Hood’s presence.

Ace told Bajan Vibes he was overwhelmed by all the love he had got from the Bajans, and that he would definitely be back.

Ace Hood says  he thoroughly enjoyed  his visit to Barbados.
Ace Hood says he thoroughly enjoyed his visit to Barbados.

“I appreciate the love I received. For me to come from where I come from and get so much love is incredible. I’ll be back! I’ve got love for this island. I love the Bajan fans for loving me,” Ace said relaxedly.

And the public reaction to his performance was not the only highlight for him while on the island. Ace said he “enjoyed it all”, especially the food.

“The trip was amazing. The people were amazing. The food was incredible. I had the flying fish for the first time and it was amazing. The beaches are great, man, and all the water sports!

“It’s been everything that I expected. We had a great time,” he told Bajan Vibes in an interview following his performance.

Ace told his fans to look out for much more from him in the future.

“Will drop another single within the next few weeks. And the album will drop later on this year. There’s no rush on it,” he said.

The American rapper is even looking forward to taking a young one under his wing shortly.

“Soon I will be bringing some new artistes out under the Hood Nation umbrella. When the time is right, I am looking for someone who is as hungry as me, and give them that same opportunity that Khalid gave me . . . . I’m definitely looking for someone to sign who has that focus,” he said.

And in another decade, Ace sees himself much further advanced in his career.

“In ten years, I see myself as a mogul –– one of the best in the music industry, and to be where I always dreamed of being.

“I want success and longevity, but most importantly, being a great man and a great father,” he added.

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  1. Sam April 9, 2015 at 6:39 pm

    I don’t think these are images we want to portray in the newspaper ! Why do we show more positive people our children can look up to ?


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