No love lost

Carpenter and vendor kiss and make up

COURT TODAY BLOCKAt the beginning of March, they both fought and chopped each other. But today, neighbours Vincent Tony Smith and Curtis Desmond Gilkes were adamant that they no longer wanted to proceed with their matters.

The men, of Ellis Village, Halls Road, St Michael, appeared before acting Magistrate Alliston Seale in the District ‘A’ Magistrates Court.

Smith is a 38 year old carpenter while Gilkes is a  vendor, age 36.

Smith faced a charge of causing serious bodily harm to Gilkes while Gilkes was charged with unlawfully and maliciously wounding Smith.

Gilkes’ right thumb and the web of that hand were heavily bandaged, while Smith had a cut to the head and the little finger of his left hand was bandaged.

Gilkes was first to declare that he wanted the matter “over with” because he and Smith had grown up together.

After hearing the position of each complainant, the acting Magistrate queried whether they could “go back to Ellis Village and stop chopping up each other and causing people to be frightened? You all can go up there and live in peace?”

“Yes Sir,” the two answered.

The two were then ordered to pay $150 each in costs to the court.

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