Former employee admits to stealing from Harris Paints

COURT TODAY BLOCKHad Kerry Antonio Walton bought two gallons of paint, it would have cost him only $230.

However, he was fined $500 earlier today after admitting to the District ‘A’ Magistrate’s Court that he stole the paint from his workplace, Harris Paints, where he was a production assistant.

“You didn’t get the paint, you lost the job and you paying a fine. Now what sense that make?” acting Magistrate Alliston Seale asked.

“No sense at all,” Walton replied.

Police officers stopped the 32-year-old on Monday to speak to him about the way he was riding his bicycle along Collymore Rock, St Michael. While talking to him, they asked him what he was carrying in his haversack. After he consented to a search, two gallons of paint were found inside.

Walton, who lives at Prince Wales Road, Bank Hall, St Michael, could not give a satisfactory account for having them. Questioned further, the man said he works at Harris Paints and another employee there gave him the paint. But when police took him back to his workplace, that employee knew nothing about it.

Walton is a first-time offender.

When he spoke to the court, he said that he never wanted to bring shame on his family.

“It is a betrayal of trust,” Seale told him, and moreso since he had stolen from his employers.

“You think my house don’t want a little touch-up too? But I have to buy the paint – use my BARP card and get a little discount.”

“Thanks Sir,” Walton said after he was fined.

“Don’t come back,” Seale replied.

“You won’t see me again,” Walton stressed.

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