Fight started over maintenance money

COURT TODAY BLOCKAfter giving the court a detailed account of an altercation, which occurred between her son, herself, and another man, acting Magistrate Alliston Seale reprimanded and discharged both mother and son today.

The two Jamaicans, Orlando Ricardo Martin, a 17-year-old student of Bibby’s Lane, St Michael and Jacqueline Cassandra Haughton-Maynard, 45, of the same address, pleaded guilty to creating a disturbance on Swan Street on Monday.

The third accused, Stephan Justin Holder of 2nd Avenue Godding Road, Station Hill, St Michael denied the same charge and another for wounding Martin.

In outlining the facts, Sergeant Neville Reid told the District ‘A’ Magistrate’s Court that a constable saw a fight taking place in S. Y. Adams store on Swan Street. Other police were called to the scene and all three persons were arrested and charged.

It was discovered that Holder is the father of Haughton-Maynard’s daughter and she had accosted him over maintenance for the girl.

When asked by the acting magistrate if she had anything to say, Haughton-Maynard recalled that last Friday she saw Holder in Roebuck Street and he asked her for the child’s shoe size. She told him she was not certain but if he gave her the money, she would ensure the girl got a pair of shoes. Holder told her he was going somewhere to come back but never did.

So when she saw him again the following Monday in the store, she approached him and said: “So you got all the money spending on woman and won’t give (the child) anything.”

They began quarrelling and she then saw a young lady appear. That woman intervened and the quarrel between her and Haughton-Maynard became a scuffle. Holder then intervened as well and began hitting Haughton-Maynard in her back.

The accused woman said that it was at that point that her son, who was outside prior, also entered the fray. The fight between the two men became intense and she remembered Holder going outside and returning with a knife, with which he tried to stab her son. Both she and her son tried to get the weapon away from him; her son locked-off Holder’s neck while she pried it from his hand and gave it to a bystander. She then held on to her son to prevent him from continuing the fight, and asked him to listen to the police who had arrived by then.

The mother went on to say that Holder kept threatening her daughter with informing Immigration on her, if she ever went to a court to get maintenance for their child.

“This all stemmed from maintenance, or lack thereof,” Seale said.

“I believe you are a person of truth,” Seale told the mother, “and I am not so insular to think that a non-national should be treated any less than the people of this country . . .  . If you are to be believed, then that is abuse.”

“I don’t advocate fighting and I’m not prepared to say what I would do if it were my mother . . .  but you have a right to protect your mother if you see somebody beating her,” he told Martin before reprimanding and discharging him.

“Mam, that was not the right way to deal with the matter but, as far as I am concerned, you are a victim of circumstances.”

“You too are reprimanded and discharged.”

Holder was granted $7 500 bail and his matter adjourned until June 9.

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