Magistrate: Too much road rage

COURT TODAY BLOCK“What is happening in our society is that there is too much road rage. People are cursing you at stop lights and cursing you in the worst way.”

That view was expressed by Magistrate Douglas Frederick earlier this week, after a driver pleaded guilty to assaulting a pedestrian the day before.

Dwane DaCosta Jackman, of Bamboo Ridge, St James admitted that he got out of his vehicle and pushed Harry Lynch, after the complainant struck his car.

According to the police facts, Jackman was driving along Lower Broad Street when Lynch crossed in front of the vehicle and struck it with his hand.

Jackman got out to ask Lynch why he had done so. The two quarrelled and Jackman pushed Lynch in his chest.

A nearby policeman intervened and Jackman was arrested.

Attorney-at-law Wilfred Abrahams told the District ‘A’ Court that at the time, Jackman initially got out of his vehicle believing that he had hit someone. He got upset after realizing that Lynch had hit his car.

Describing his client as “a decent father, husband and a productive member of this society,” Abrahams asked that Jackman be allowed to leave “with his criminal record still clear and intact.”

Magistrate Frederick reprimanded and discharged Jackman. The case was heard on Tuesday.

In admonishing him, the magistrate reminded Jackman that he should not have gotten out of his car to confront Lynch because “cars don’t go to hospital.” He also felt that things could have turned out very differently had he confronted another type of person.

One Response to Magistrate: Too much road rage

  1. Maxine Hutchinson March 22, 2015 at 6:22 pm

    I have noticed over the years that with the coming of CSME we have seen many persons following in the footsteps of non-nationals and darting across the road at any time in any place. Luckily, in the neighbouring islands, it is the culture and therefore is expected by the motorists in those lands. It is still foreign to us and will remain foreign to us.

    While we must caution our motorists to be careful not to hit any such persons we must sound a loud warning to them that THEY CANNOT IN THE SPACE OF A SECOND DECIDE TO CROSS THE ROAD BEFORE ON-COMING TRAFFIC. THEY MUST SHOW BY HAND OR STAND AT A PEDESTRIAN CROSSING AND WAIT FOR THE DRIVER TO INVITE THEM TO CROSS THE ROAD.


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