Constable: Statement not planned

COURT TODAY BLOCKThe trial of  two men accused of robbing a Government Senator of a cellular phone in October 2011 continued in Supreme Court No. 5 this morning, before Justice Olson Alleyne.

Reneko Jamal Taylor, 22, of Block 5F Division Drive, Eden Lodge and Jermaine Julia Andre Worrell, 23, of Hinds Hill, Cave Hill, St Michael are accused of robbing Senator Irene Sandiford-Garner of a $1 000 cellular phone on October 12, 2011.  Worrell faces an additional count of unlawful wounding.

Testifying today, Police Constable Jason Allman recalled being present when Sandiford-Garner identified her phone. She did so by matching it to a pin number which she had on a box.

Under cross-examination, the witness said he was instructed by a station sergeant to assist in the identification process of the cellular phone but he did not investigate the matter.

When defence counsel Marlon Gordon suggested that he and constable Frank Olton had got together and planned a statement, Allman said that was not so.

“Were you aware that Sandiford-Garner gave two statements concerning the phone?”

The witness replied that he knew she gave one which he saw but never read. He could not recall whether there was one statement or two.

Asked if he knew how the phone came to be at Black Rock Police station, Allman replied that it came about after it was found in a man’s possession.

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