Mum and son on drug charges

COURT TODAY BLOCKTwenty-two year-old St Joseph resident Tramaine Jevon Parris appeared in the dock with two other young men from the same parish before later facing two charges with his mother, in the same court.

Parris, of Upper Parks Road, along with Jamal Akeem Cobham, 22, of Lower Parks and Omar Orlando Henry, a 23-year-old resident of Coconut Grove, denied robbing Ryan Woods of a $300 watch and $500 cash on January 1 this year.

The trio further pleaded guilty to damaging a car belonging to Dario Clarke on that same date. They will return to court on March 30 on these matters.

The accused will also be appearing at the District “F” Magistrates’ Court on Friday in relation to other charges.

Cobham is singly facing charges of possession of a scissors which was adapted for use to cause injury to a person on February 1, and having 5.2 grammes of marijuana a month later.

Accused Parris and his mother Marlene Parris, a 53-year-old housekeeper of Upper Parks Road, pleaded not guilty to possession, having a trafficable quantity and intent to supply 37.5 grammes of marijuana on March 1 this year.

All three men were warned not to interfere with any of the complainants in their respective matters and they must report to a police station three times weekly.

Bail for Cobham and Parris was set at $2,500 while Henry’s bail was $2,000.

The Parris mother and son were further granted $1,000 bail in relation to the drug charges.

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