Just to come back! says super Erica

Half of the internationally acclaimed Mary Mary twosome wants to return to Barbados for an extended period.

Speaking to Bajan Vibes in her back stage room, shortly after her scintillating performance at last weekend’s Queens Of Gospel Concert at the Wildey Gymnasium, an exuberant Erica Campbell expressed her love for Barbados and its people.

With an infectious smile radiating from her beautiful face, Erica sister of Tina Campbell said she would like to come back here with her children, but for a longer time.

Erica Campbell
Erica Campbell

“It’s absolutely amazing. It’s massive to come to perform at Queens Of Gospel; I am so honoured. And the people are lovely; the island is beautiful; add to it the water and the sunshine and the food. I have had an amazing time, my husband and I say we want to come back with our children. This time a little bit longer,” said a beaming Erica, whose latest release Help earned her the 2014 Grammy Award for Best Gospel Album Of The Year.

The four-time Grammy awardee, who minutes earlier had rocked the Gymnasium with the said Help and such other powerful songs as It Is Well With My Soul and Yesterday, also promised to come back to perform in Barbados if she was invited.

For those budding gospel artists who are looking for success, this global icon had some timely advice.

“Stay committed to excellence and be the best that you can be. A lot of times we want to imitate someone that is doing something, or we see this is what’s working in the media or in the music industry . . . . I think if you are original, and it is your time to shine, you will.”

Erica also recommended that emerging artistes get to know the entertainment or music business, have good people around them, possess integrity, work hard and be dedicated.

“No one will work harder for you than you. You must stay focused and don’t give up because you will get a lot of nos; the yeses are coming. So, if you stay focused, you will get there,” pointed out the superstar.

Having been there, done that in the music industry, Erica also has the key to overcoming the challenges that accompany this business.

“Stay strong in your faith. My faith is everything. I would not even be standing here in Barbados without my faith. My faith helps me wake up every day; my faith helps me face the adversities; it gives me strength to balance my life.

“I am a wife and a mother of three. I am still singing with my sister in Mary Mary. So, you know, I think my life can be complicated; but because I have faith and trust in God, He gives me peace . . . the grace to handle how hectic my life is and I enjoy it,” she passionately declared.

This global singing powerhouse also delights in spreading the Good News of Christ in song across the world.

Erica Campbell working the crowd.
Erica Campbell working the crowd.

“I enjoy going around the world and singing about Jesus. It is my faith that helps me to do this.”

She recognized, too, the impact her music has had, and continues to have on the lives of people everywhere.

“Well mostly my music with Mary Mary has been all about being better, focusing on the good side of life and understanding that trials come to make you strong. You would go through [trial], but you don’t have to stay in the middle of the problems.

“So whether it was Shackles, or Can’t Give Up Now, all the songs are directing people up, and that is what we want to do.”

Erica stressed that no matter where she was in the world, she wanted to show people up to God to focus on Him and have a relationship with Him.

Erica encourages people to focus on God.

“So I want to do the exact same thing. It’s my mission, it’s my purpose, and I will do it till I breathe my last breath,” testified the singing sensation.

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