Rumblings within BLP camp

Opposition Leader Mia Mottley tonight met for about five hours with Christ Church West MP Dr Maria Agard, as well as executive members of the constituency branch, following recent reports of serious division within the BLP stronghold.

And at the end of the discussions, all involved were mostly tightlipped.

Dr Agard, who won her seat by just over 500 votes in the last election, is reportedly facing a revolt of sorts from within, with BLP general secretary Dr Jerome Walcott, who lost by over 600 votes to the DLP’s John Boyce in neighbouring Christ Church South, now said to be looking west.

Dr. Maria Agard
Christ Church West MP Dr. Maria Agard

However, the first time MP, who has recently been grappling with some personal health challenges, still feels she has a strong political future ahead of her and remains adamant that she would not walk away from her constituents.

In a brief comment to Barbados TODAY, Dr Walcott said the meeting was cordial and productive, while a smiling Dr Agard declined comment.

In the face of the upheaval, University of the West Indies political scientist Dr Tennyson Joseph warned that now was not the time for the opposition party to appear to be divided.

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