NAPSAC streaming in HD

The National Athletic Primary Schools Athletic Championships (NAPSAC) has stepped up a notch this year.

 It’s now being streamed to a worldwide audience in High Definition (HD).

This is according to streaming chief, Andy Welch, who revealed that while this was actually the third year NAPSAC was streaming the event live on the

Internet, it was the first time it was being done in HD.

Speaking to Barbados TODAY during the hosting of the Patsy Callender Zone earlier today, Welch said persons tuning into this year’s meet would be treated to a higher quality picture than in previous years.

“This year is much better. As I said, this year we have been streaming in HD so that means the quality is much better,” he explained.

“It’s been going well so far. The streaming is up and this is the first time we are actually trying to stream in HD. We’ve had a few hiccups but everything is going well so far.”

“This is actually our third try, but we’ve been trying to improve every year. So hopefully by next year we will have it working crisp and everything will be flowing,” Welch added.

He said several hundred people had been using the website so far and he expected those numbers to increase as the competition got closer to the finals.

He noted that the live feed wasn’t limited to a particular region or country.

“Yesterday we had a few issues but right now logged on I have about 246 people who are watching live. But we expect those numbers to go up as the action heats up in the semifinals and finals,” Welch insisted.

“We aren’t streaming to a specific region. Once you log onto the website –– – you will be able to view the races.”

He said they were working towards trying to also post it on Facebook.

Welch pointed out that the move to stream in HD was a significant improvement, especially considering the equipment they were forced to use when they started three years ago.

“Over the years we started with two little cameras, but now we have professional cameras so it definitely has been a step up.”

Welch said the streaming would be done for all five preliminary zones, the quarterfinals, semifinals and finals.

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