This wallowing by Dems simply will not do

Last week the Freundel Stuart administration delivered two master strokes. The first was the announcement of the approval of $3 million in study grants for UWI students. The second was the announcement by the LIAT shareholder governments that Barbados will become a primary hub for the airline . . . . These two initiatives show that the Barbados Government is moving strategically to bring about crucial changes which will have a lasting impact locally and regionally.

Team DLP is on the job and continues to deliver positive results two years after our 2013 election victory.

–– The ruling Democratic Labour Party in a statement published on its Facebook page on Saturday, marking its second year in office, after re-election on February 21, 2013.

Last year, the spotlight was shone by the international Press on Amou Haji, an 80-year-old Iranian, who had the dubious honour of being referred to as the world’s dirtiest man.

Why? Haji had an aversion to soap and water, and even admitted that the suggestion of a bath drove him crazy. Talk about wallowing in your own mess!

Would you believe he had his last shower in 1954? Back then, Barbados wasn’t even Independent yet! In fact, this island had not fully broken the back of colonial rule, even though a ministerial Government, led by Grantley Adams, later Sir Grantley, was already firmly in place.

The Democratic Labour Party wasn’t even yet conceived of as a political grouping when water last touched the hermit’s leather-like skin. That came almost a year later.

And not to take anything away from the party’s recently launched 60th anniversary celebrations, or to seek to cast any irrevocable stench over its activities as the now leading political force in Barbados, we feel the need to call the ruling party to account, in much the same way that WICB president Dave Cameron should be answerable for his rather jejune retweeting of a fan’s criticisms of star batsman Chris Gayle this past weekend. Talk about wallowing in one’s mess!

In either case it doesn’t matter if the election is already in the bag or not; there simply can be no excusing public figures who behave as if they are a law unto themselves –– without a care in the world, with nothing to lose or fear.

It matters not if you are House Speaker or Prime Minister for that matter, or whether your current tenure has gone on for two years or even two days –– the needs of your constituents should always be paramount.

That’s why we hesitate –– as grateful as we are to the DLP for its contribution to our governance process over the past six decades –– to jump on the official bandwagon to proclaim, as the DLP did in its second anniversary message this past weekend, “Well done, Freundel”.

In fact, we think it a severe assault on the intelligence of those of us who have actually been resident here since the last general election for the party to now boast that “every day over those two years we [the DLP] have kept our commitment to the people of Barbados to deliver on our promise to develop a Barbados which is socially balanced, economically viable, environmentally sound and characterized by good governance”.

Even more incredible is the party’s claim that “our Prime Minister, his Cabinet and members of the parliamentary team have shown that they are capable of managing the affairs of Barbados in the most challenging period that this country has ever gone through”. Surely, this statement cannot be applied across the board, given what we now know of CLICO, NCC layoffs and who spoke out of turn on Sagicor.

But perhaps, most contemptuous of all has been the unrequited gall of the DLP’s spin doctors to seek to categorize “as a master stroke” the approval of $3 million in study grants for UWI students after this Government unilaterally decided to end free tertiary education.

We aren’t even going to bother with the second boast about LIAT, since that plan at this stage appears to be a non-starter; but lest our Government forgets, its decision to ask students to carry “a small portion of the cost to finance their education at the University of the West Indies” has already cost the UWI close to 1,800 students in terms of overall enrolment since last September.

Errol Barrow must be turning more uncomfortably in his grave than David Thompson is over all these recent disclosures about CLICO.

Surely, the DLP must know by now that it matters less to us at this stage what the 2007 Auditor General Report had to say about the construction of the Police Station at Crab Hill St Lucy or who was the “incompetent contractor” awarded the contract?

We accept that times are tough and hard decisions have had to be made.

Indeed, we have all been trying in the face of all odds to keep the faith with our Prime Minister and our Government.

But it is becoming harder and harder to do so, especially when the ruling party seems to have developed the propensity for adding insult to our injury, while its leadership, which should know better, appears to be wallowing in its own mess.

At this stage, nothing short of a bush bath for some Government members would do.

3 Responses to This wallowing by Dems simply will not do

  1. Deb February 23, 2015 at 10:26 pm

    That DLP article was pure picong. It was severely dealt with all across the social media landscape over the weekend. Bajans,, like another sleeping giant are finally beginning to wake up and make their voices heard.

  2. Tony Webster February 24, 2015 at 3:08 am

    Such blatant FB “froth” also clearly reveals what a low, scornful, and disparaging regard the DLP spin-doctors have of the intelligence of the average FB user!! It is indeed a patronising, slap-in-the-face for any Bajan over the age of ten!
    Once informed, our more youthful members of our society are quite capable of dischraging their civic duties, and the time will come when these very spin-doctors will get a taste of our yutes’ “medicine”.

  3. Asiba February 25, 2015 at 1:27 pm

    Are Barbadians sensible ?


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