Fight lands students in court

COURT TODAY BLOCKA confrontation involving three students on Tuesday landed two of them – a 17-year-old and a 15-year-old – before the law court yesterday.

Tia Tiana Richards, 17, of Jordan’s Tenantry, St George, pleaded guilty before Magistrate Douglas Frederick, to assaulting Renee Leacock and damaging her blouse yesterday.

The minor who was also charged with the assault had her matter dealt with in the magistrate’s chambers.

According to the facts which were read by Acting Station Sergeant Junior Kirton, when Leacock got off the bus, Richards followed her and went up to her face quarrelling.

When Leacock asked Richards to move, Richards slapped her and they fought.

Leacock’s father was nearby and he intervened and freed his daughter.

While the girl was talking to her father, Richards pulled the girl by her shirt and damaged it, before jump-kicking her and walking away.

When given a chance to address the court today, Richards insisted that some of the prosecution’s remarks were lies.

She recalled Leacock hitting her first and she intended to “let it pass” but she heard her cousin making noise at the front of the bus and learned that Leacock had thrown something and hit him as well.

Richards also said after disembarking, Leacock’s father held on to her and told his daughter to “beat she now that I here”.

A pre-sentencing report was ordered on the first time offender, who returns to court on April 10.

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