Man jailed for ‘pain medicine’

COURT TODAY BLOCKA Greenfield, St Michael resident will spend the next year at HMP Dodds after he threw in the towel yesterday.

Acting Magistrate Alliston Seale has sentenced Noel Leon DaCosta Agard, 32, to two six-month terms. He was also handed another six-month sentence after it was noted that a $2,000 fine imposed on him by Magistrate Douglas Frederick last September was never paid. That sentence will run concurrently.

Agard, 32, had previously denied charges of having three grammes of cocaine, as well as seven grammes of cannabis, with the intent of supplying and trafficking the illegal substances on December 1, 2013.

Sergeant Ensley Grainger told the court that police had received information that a man was selling illegal drugs along the Richard Haynes Boardwalk at Hastings, Christ Church.

When officers arrived, they saw Agard putting a plastic bag into his pocket. They requested and carried out a search and found the bag, along with several smaller ones, which contained the cannabis.

Agard explained that he “used the weed for pain”.

He was arrested and taken to Hastings Police Station.

During a search there, a tissue with cocaine fell out of his boxers but that was also accounted for by Agard who told the officer “that is Panadol”.

Acting Magistrate Seale convicted, reprimanded and discharged him on possession and intent to supply the cocaine.

However, Agard was sentenced to six months for trafficking the cocaine and a further six for possession of marijuana, which will run consecutively.

“And Mr. Frederick’s six months will kick-in from today,” the acting magistrate concluded.

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  1. Ramar Haynes
    Ramar Haynes February 11, 2015 at 6:30 am

    He is lucky he wasn’t on remand for a longer period and that he only 1 year behind bars, seeing cocaine is a very serious offense


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