Man to be punished for breaking into mother’s home

COURT TODAY BLOCKHe was told to leave his mother’s house but returned anyway.

And not only did Christopher Jean-Claude Fontenelle go back, but he ripped out some of the louvres and threw a rock, breaking one of the windows.

The 22-year-old unemployed man will find out how he will be punished for entering Teresa Fontenelle’s house with intent to commit theft on November 13, 2014, when he returns to the District “A” Magistrates’ Court tomorrow.

The complainant in the matter, his mother, told Acting Magistrate Alliston Seale that she had put out her son after he became delinquent.

On the day he returned to the house she saw him and confronted him.

He ran off and when she caught up with him outside the house he became boisterous and damaged the property.

Speaking to the court today, the mother said that two of her other children were at the dining table at the time Christopher threw a “very large rock” and it could easily have hit one of them.

She added that he had been entering her home, using the amenities and eating her food.

The mother revealed to the court that Christopher began misbehaving from the age of eight.

“Eight? You know what is eight?” the magistrate queried. “Some children still drinking out of a bottle at age eight.”

The acting magistrate then told the woman that her son’s current situation was partly her fault.

He said that if she had done what she was supposed to when he was eight years old, it would not have reached the stage where they were fighting “like a man and a woman”.

However, he also chastised the youngster for his behaviour.

“You need to behave yourself and show your mother more respect. Remember the fundamental tenets of The Bible. Honour your father and mother,” Seale reminded him.

He was granted bail pending sentencing and ordered to pay for the damage to the house.

Source: Sandra Downes

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