Annual flower show hits the mark, again

Lady Belgrave inspecting one of the displays.


Residents have been flocking to the Balls Plantation, Christ Church for the Annual Flower and Garden Show organized by the Barbados Horticultural Society.

There was a constant flow of people.

On day one of the two-day activity, more than 700 people  entered the society’s headquarters to witness the vibrant, innovative floral displays.

One of them was Lady Belgrave, wife of the Governor General, who was visibly impressed with some of the displays and even purchased items.

But it was not only about the flowers as businesses that sell other products also have booths.

“We have vendors that we invite to come and sell their plants, their pots, anything to do with gardens,” said Jennifer Weetch, the coordinator.

Coordinator Jennifer Weetch


“They’ve always been very supportive. The members get the chance to showcase their interests, whether it be orchids, fruits and vegetables, ornamental plants, ferns and it’s a wonderful time for them.”

One of the impressive displays


The show is the society’s main fundraiser, with the monies raised used to maintain the property.

The plantation was transformed for the show.


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  1. seagul February 1, 2015 at 11:18 am

    Very vibrant. Now how about doubling our interest towards the kitchen garden window. Flowers may grow wild but cabbages and carrots don’t.


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