Education ministry to probe video recording of attack on schoolgirl

The Ministry of Education is probing an incident in which four female students physically attacked another and the video then posted on social media.

Minister of Education Ronald Jones, who admitted to viewing the video on Facebook, expressed shock at the violence displayed.

Minister of Education Ronald Jones
Minister of Education Ronald Jones

“I have never encountered so much anger coming from young people as I saw in that . . . One girl, I don’t know what she did, I don’t know how she annoyed the others, I don’t know if they didn’t like her . . . [but] there were about four girls all over her . . . and fists and feet were raining down in the most vicious manner. And the sounds that came from their mouths, their stomachs, were like raging beasts,” Jones said at the launch of the Axcel Mentorship Programme (AMP) at Solidarity House this morning.

“I am saying to myself ‘what are we doing . . . that cause our young people to be behaving this way?’ I don’t want to get immersed in hypocrisy; I’m not saying that in 1932 or ’42 we didn’t have some of that behaviour, but if we are creatively evolved we should be shedding violence as part of our total person.”

Jones was clear that the issue could not be swept under the carpet, and indicated that the ministry would be following up with the schools attended by the students involved in the incident.

“We now have to ask the schools – or it might already be done, I’m not sure – where are those children now, what has been the discipline brought to bear on them, what caused that?’.”

The minister also blasted the person or persons responsible for video taping the incident and posting it online.

He described those actions as insidious.

“You have to be standing there, positioning yourself to get the best video recording. That is insidious as well. And, you become a participant in the violence, and perpetuate the violence by posting it on Facebook, or Youtube, or Whatsapp or whatever,” Jones said.

The minister also denounced the posting of another video on social media in which another hammer-wielding female student was ranting and gesticulating.

He said the young woman was “parading with that hammer and using some of the most Barbadian penetrative invectives that you can find”.

“It hurt me in deep ways.”

Jones lamented that children were increasingly being exposed to electronic tools, but were not being taught how to use them ethically.

The minister also took the opportunity to come out in strong defence of the principal of Harrison College, Juanita Wade, who has been criticized for her decision to take action against a female student over her hairstyle.

“School is not a fashion parade,” he declared.

“When an educational leader speaks to the school that she’s in charge of or he’s in charge of, and for that leader to be cussed and bastardized, particularly by those who were not there, you know what they’re called – malicious, wicked, seeking raw, naked sensationalism . . .”

Meantime, Jones told the scores of students attending the AMP launch to find the motivation to bring about meaningful change in their lives.

The semester-long mentorship programme, which has already been introduced in St Lucia, aims to provide secondary school students with professional assistance.

“AMP will benefit you and your fellow students by developing your leadership skills, helping you navigate throughout the various choices and challenges you face,” said Samuel Rosenberg, chief executive officer of Axcel Finance which is sponsoring the project.

“This programme will connect you with people and will empower you to ensure you become the best you possibly can. You will learn from people with different backgrounds, different cultures, and you will receive the tools to develop yourself and your potential.”

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  1. Poetry Dancer
    Poetry Dancer January 24, 2015 at 1:53 am

    they want expulsion.

  2. Ron Murr
    Ron Murr January 24, 2015 at 2:54 am

    Smh * words*

  3. Queenie ShaSha
    Queenie ShaSha January 24, 2015 at 7:30 am


  4. Aldo January 24, 2015 at 8:51 am

    Those wannabes girls should be in the states they would be kicked out of school maybe arrested and maybe throw into juvenile.a message need to be sent to those girls and the copy cats.

  5. Maxine Baker January 24, 2015 at 12:11 pm

    We can continue to express our disgust at the state of the minds and actions of our young people who are to be the “strict guardians of our heritage” or we can get serious and do something to curtail their types of operation.

    We may look at the parents and conclude that they are the cause of such behaviour. We may look at the neighbourhoods from whence these children come and conclude also that they are the causes of such behaviour. We may look a the violence to which our children are exposed and conclude that it is the underlying factor in their behaviours or we can stop “beating around the bush” and accept that we need to seriously address the need for ourselves and our children to become aware of and be guided by our Divine component within ourselves.

    Last year I wrote a letter to the Chief Education Officer about the need to revamp the curricula within our educational system to include subject areas such as World Religions, Existentialism, Civics, Parenting and Ecology. I copied that letter to other relevant persons who have authority to say “yeah” or “nay” to such changes. I did receive a letter of acknowledgement from the CEO but no word as to the likelihood of such subjects being incorporated into the curricula for the Nursery, Primary and Secondary schools.

    There are times when we fail to see the “method in the madness” of others and that is why our children will continue to behave in such a manner. Too often we pretend that everything is “social” and can he addressed from that perspective. Let us keep burying our heads in the sand and let us continue to pretend as to the reasons why our young people behave in the cruel, mentally maladjusted, criminal manner.

    Many of us are going to find ourselves as though we were in the middle of the sea with a milestone around our necks. Many of us can assist our young people but we either refuse to do so or we are blocked from doing so as a result of envy, being victims of assassination of character or because of “classism”.

    What we must be aware of the more, is that the young persons who have been incarcerated, have been there because of us. Those who find themselves in mental institutions are there because of us. Those who kill others have done so because of us. Such is the case because they possess weak minds that repeatedly tune into the “vibrations” or “frequencies” that we the adults put into the ether with our thought forms and they carry out our wishes, believing the same to be of their own.

    The burden belongs to us. We have to do something to have it diffused. We have to take out heads out of the sand we have to increase the time that we devote to intercessory prayer.

  6. Clyde H. Phillip January 24, 2015 at 2:33 pm

    “….young persons who have been incarcerated, have been there because of us. Those who find themselves in mental institutions are there because of us. Those who kill others have done so because of us….”
    Well said, Maxine. This is situation is not only happening in Barbados, but throughout the Caribbean. As a result, a regional response is being developed to address this most undesirable state of affairs.
    We shall be pleased to “have you on board” to benefit form your ideas. Please send an an e-mail to:

  7. Tony Waterman January 25, 2015 at 12:35 am

    QUOTE:-“I’m not saying that in 1932 or ’42 we didn’t have some of that behaviour,” NO Mister Minister i was born in 43 and grew up in that era and never did i as a youth ever see any behaviour like that, reason !!!! the Village DID raise the Child in my time growing up, you had to respect YOUR Elders, the Headmaster, the Reverend, The Policeman (My father was one) the School Teacher, the Grand Mothers, Aunts,Uncles et al, ALL had Dominion over you. That does NOT Exist Today, and they are too Many Govt. Departments tell people what they can and cannot do with or to their Children. Unfortunately the Horse has already left the Barn Closing the door now will do no Good.
    Sir!!!! you must understand, that when the youth of today, look at ADULTS Like Speaker Carrington , who SHOULD be an EXemplarary Role Model, and see him not act responsibly and resign as speaker, then they will believe that they too can get away with whatever they want to, you did ask the question why are the youth of today like they are?? well!!! there is a part of the answer. they have no RESPECTFUL ROLE MODELS TO EMULATE.
    The way to deal with this is to locate the Participants (5) in this fight, figure out where the blame goes, have assault charges laid and let the chips fall where they may. bend the tree now otherwise you will have to cut it down (Dodds) Later.

  8. CHARLES WORRELL January 27, 2015 at 1:33 pm

    Ms. Baker, thanks for your views. I share them fully. Look, the TIME HAS COME where we have to look at WHAT WE ARE IMPORTING! WE HAVE A CHOICE and our young people can be protected from the trash allowed in our country. The urgency has never been greater. Fact is, when they have GROWN UP and are capable of making decisions that tend to base behavior, at least, it would be an adult decision BUT AT THIS JUNCTURE, our children need protecting. I am not hearing those detractors who thought that the former principal of …….was so wrong, WHERE IS YOUR CONCERN; WHERE ARE YOUR SUGGESTIONS; WHAT are your thoughts?
    Barbados has been ravaged by some irresponsible and North American wielding pawns who have been pushing to have American values imposed on our children and indeed our society and they have gone to EVERY LENGTH to make this happen, with one pound of ignorance. NONE OF WHAT THEY WANT FOR BARBADOS THAT IS IN AMERICA HAS WORKED FOR AMERICA; indeed, it was AMERICA who used to be admiring us but pathetically, we have been re-washed to believe that American is better and we have gone about in a very swift and definitive manner to IMPORT things American ONLY TO TAKE THE WORST OF WHAT THEY HAVE TO OFFER. NOW, as a tiny speck on the map, we have no way to absorb the repercussions of our decisions, so here we are. UNTIL WE GET BACK TO THINGS BARBADIAN AND CARIBBEAN AND STOP BEING ASHAMED OF WHO WE ARE, IT WILL ONLY GET WORSE.
    MR. WATERMAN, this is no time for your cheap shots; Much of what you shared regarding us being RAISED BY A VILLAGE IS TRUE, I, TOO, AM A HAPPY RECIPIENT OF THAT time and we need to advance this method in a meaningful way. YES, we have grown and times have changed BUT BAD BEHAVIOR IS BAD BEHAVIOR ANYWHERE AND THE NEED FOR PROPER GUIDANCE AND CORRECTION WILL ALWAYS BE VITALLY IMPORTANT.


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