76 Erdiston grads with distinctions

Teachers are indeed instrumental to our society, and on Saturday 187 of them will join the ranks of trained teachers when they officially graduate from the Erdiston Teachers’ Training College. Of these, 76 are graduating with distinctions in their respective programmes.

Trudy Alleyne, top in the In Service Certificate In Special Needs Education programme.
Trudy Alleyne, top in the In Service Certificate In Special Needs Education programme.
George Bushell.
George Bushell.
Nadia Chiomento top of the Diploma In Education Primary programme.
Nadia Chiomento top of the Diploma In Education Primary programme.
Valedictorian Janine Pierre.
Valedictorian Janine Pierre.

College principal Barbara Parris told Barbados TODAY that she was extremely proud of this batch of students.

“I’m pleased again this year with the performance of the students. They have done extremely well . . . . I think that is an excellent performance. Often, we do not commend what is good; so I want to stress that I am happy with the students, and I am also grateful to the staff,” Parris said.

Graduating with a double distinction and top of the Diploma In Education Primary programme, Nadia Chiomento, said she was extremely pleased with her performance and glad that all her hard work paid off.

“I never thought of being a top student or anything like that. I guess that comes with pursuing excellence. When I first started the course, it wasn’t my goal to be a top student; it was my goal to get As, and to get a double distinction because for me that is

“Fortunately for me, it paid off,” Chiomento said proudly.

She said none of it would have been possible without God and the help of many instrumental people.

“I could not have made this achievement without these people. First off, I would like to thank my mother Mary Edwards for the support; she was very helpful. I would like to also thank my colleague Paula Toppin. I really would like to thank her because she was one who was very instrumental in helping me. Whatever it was I had that I needed help with, I could go to her for advice and assistance.

“I would also like to thank Ms Jordan, Mrs Osbourne, and principal of the school, Mrs Robinson. They were all very understanding and supportive –– and many others. I can’t name everyone; they’re to many,” she said thankfully.

The class two teacher at the Boscobel Primary School recommended the programme to all teachers, adding she was looking forward to going back into the school and applying all she had learnt.

“I truly believe that any person who is a teacher should do the Diploma In Education, especially those at the primary level. It teaches you about the different teaching strategies. It teaches you about different methods and techniques you can use in your classrooms; all the ways to help you get to those students who are struggling; and how to test them properly.

“I learned the different ways of assessing students. Before the programme I simply would create a test and administer it. After doing the programme, I realized they are really different ways to teach them. I have also found different strategies to reach
each student.”

Top student in the vocational teachers training programme in adult training, George Bushell, said the course was tough at times, but he was thankful he had overcome.

“I teach full-time during the week, and then I teach evening classes four days a week . . . . So it was a bit time-consuming coming to school as well. It was a challenge at first, but this helped me to learn to balance my time in teaching and in doing my work,” Bushell said.

He said he was completely shocked upon learning he was top of his programme.

“No, I didn’t think I would have come out on top. And that is being honest. I didn’t like to write a lot and I knew that in doing this programme I had a lot of writing to do. So I knew that would have been a challenge for me.

“But I remember the teacher for English telling me, ‘You are going to make it’, and when I finished she came back to me and said, ‘See what I told you?’ And now writing to me is a lot easier,” he said.

Trudy Alleyne was top of the Certificate In Special Needs Education programme. Allyene who teaches at the Ignatius Byer Primary School, recommends the programme to all teachers to better help the younger students.

“In our schools we have a lot of children with special needs that have not been diagnosed. So they would be able to recognize the signs and would be able to put things in place to help the students, although they are not diagnosed,” Allyene stressed.

The students will officially graduate tomorrow at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre.

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  1. Cheryl Atkinson February 10, 2015 at 5:21 pm

    Congratulations to you all, it is a great sense of achievement when you complete your teacher training. Now the work begins to remember to always reflect on your practice, share good practice and never stop learning from the many unique moments your students will present.


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