Harris urges teams to improve

Barbados Football Association (BFA) president Randolph Harris wants to see improved performances from national teams as they embark on a busy 2015 schedule.

During a Press conference held this afternoon at the Solution Centre based at the University of West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, to announce the BFA domestic season which commences February 1, Harris said the BFA had invested in equipment to assist their member clubs and by doing this they were hoping to bring a certain level of organization within the BFA’s framework.

Barbados Football Association president, Randy Harris.
Barbados Football Association president, Randy Harris.

“The BFA is using its resources and have plans in place to assist all of our member clubs especially those in the Premier League Division which is our highest division. Also we have ordered quite a bit of equipment for the football and the footballers to help them with their football education and basically to bring a certain level of organization within all of the framework of the Barbados Football Association,” Harris said.

The Wildey Astroturf which will be the home for football on the island is incomplete, but from Harris’ projections it should be completed sometime around April this year. He said the BFA was hopeful that as soon as Town and Country Planning permission was given they could start the erection of the bleachers at Wildey.

Harris said the BFA had entered its national teams into some major tournaments this year and among them would be the Olympic tournament, the 2018 World Cup preliminaries, Under-15 men’s, Under-17 ladies and the beach soccer competition put on by CONCACAF.

BFA technical director Marcos Falopa will have the task of coaching the senior teams and Harris explained they could only deal with one coach at a time because of finances.

“The BFA is currently working on an extension for Marcos. His contract should be up the second week of February and hopefully we would be able to get an extension,” Harris explained.

The BFA president also touched on the initiative to get all coaches in Barbados licensed and he said they would climb from the bottom to the top.

“In the CONCACAF D licence, CONCACAF would decide which coaches have done well enough to go on to the C licence and then to the B and A if they rise to that level. But that is the CONCACAF coaching course. We have found difficulty in the BFA to really get most of our club coaches together out of football season.

“Basically we have offered a number of workshops probably over six of them in Barbados and when we look at the composition of the people who apply to do these courses they are the same old ones who have some sort of certification already or they are really not the ones that we would target at first. So we need to have some workshops for the clubs in terms of education not only of coaches but of administrators also so that we can target the people who are basically making the best impact on our players every week during the football season,” Harris said. while noting the time must come where our premiership coaches must be certified also.

He said the season, which starts on February 1, would be an interesting one with many top players transferring to other clubs. The second transfer window will be from February 15 to 20 and according to Harris this will be a window for persons who have not represented clubs prior to that date.

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