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Food operators urged to help feed less fortunate

The founder of a local children’s charity is lamenting the level of poverty in Barbados, saying operators of supermarkets and restaurants need to step up to the plate to help feed the less fortunate.

Morella Frederick, founder of St Catherine’s House, told Barbados TODAY she was not satisfied that enough was being done to help feed children on the island.

Founder of St Catherine’s House Morella Federick
Founder of St Catherine’s House Morella Federick

“I think all the supermarkets here can join and donate some amount of food. The island is too small to have children going to bed hungry,” she said. “I am actually very embarrassed when I drive through the countryside and see the poverty level. It is really terrible. I think that Barbados really needs to start doing more.”

Frederick, a fashion designer who currently resides in the United States, said she was playing her part by providing clothing.

“But food is more important. Food is number one, and I have heard people talking about children going to school and not having breakfast. Are you kidding me? That is a shocking reality and it is something that needs to be addressed.

“There is too much waste in Barbados . . . I think a lot of the restaurants need to come together and have different locations – especially in the inner city and country areas – and just have little posts, even if you use houses, that people with children can come and get even three meals a day. I don’t think children should be allowed to go to school so hungry that they can’t concentrate until they get lunch,” Frederick added.

She also expressed the view that children in primary schools who could not afford lunch should not be made to pay for school meals.

“I think we have enough millionaires on the island . . . There is a lot on the island despite the fact that they are saying the economy here is not that good. Money goes around and they just need to put it into what is priority. Priority is feeding and cleaning,” Frederick argued.

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