Museum to get facelift

The Barbados Museum & Historical Society today revealed major plans to bring its St Ann’s Garrison facility into the 21st century. President Sir Trevor Carmichael and director Alissandra Cummins shared their vision for the Barbados Museum during the launch of its biannual fund-raising black tie event Scarlet Gala, to take place on February 28.

The Barbados Museum will get a facelift –– both on its interior and exterior –– projects which the officials reveal will cost millions.

The Barbados Museum
The Barbados Museum

At first will be the Wall Garden Project, which Sir Trevor said was part of efforts by the Barbados Museum to engage the community and vice versa.

“The Wall Garden essentially represents the redesign, re-landscaping and restructuring of a space within The Museum which when completed will provide opportunities for cultural events of a national significance, as well as . . . allow young entrepreneurs, young artists to display their talents and to progress and excel.

“This project will allow for plays. It will also allow for musical events; it will allow for opera. It will allow for the whole gamut of cultural activities in an open-air natural environment which has a lot of the characteristics and elements of The Museum,” Sir Trevor explained.

The multifunctional recreational space is estimated to cost between $1/2 million and $1 million. A quarter of that, Sir Trevor revealed, had been received from several donors. However, Museum officials are still awaiting planning approval to begin the project which, Sir Trevor hopes, will come on stream in time for Barbados’ 50th Independence celebrations.

The second venture will see a redesign of the core exhibits for the 21st century; but that project is also awaiting the green light from the Government.

“We are looking forward to the expansion of The Museum space –– actually almost doubling the space,” Cummins said adding: “I cannot give a great deal of detail on that additional space, but, suffice to say, that it doubles the current exhibition space The Museum has, and therefore allows us then to move beyond the 1937 limit into looking at redefining of the character of the Barbadian landscape . . . and bringing us into modern Barbados.

“[It’s] a complete redesign of these exhibits, making them more accessible and interactive –– new exhibits that call on audio, visual, online and other new technologies and media; digital media to bring these exhibits to life. So, I am talking a significant transformation of The Museum Gallery space.”

The renovation will see The Museum stepping up and into World Heritage standards

at a cost in the region of $6 million to $13 million –– and all done in phases.

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