René living the music he loves

For René Nelson, it’s all about the growth of the music for which he has tremendous love. He is most popularly known for his work in production throughout Barbados, but he has dabbled in many other areas so far –– including singing.

René Nelson
René Nelson

“Every day you see me, I’m doing something in music. Today, I was doing something on the drums. Another time, you would see me doing production. I just love it, man,” René says.

And it’s for this reason he is now looking to broaden his horizons and spread his wings elsewhere –– in Britain.

“I am looking to solidify my knowledge in sound engineering and getting a much bigger sound. And it’s more for the exposure. I’m just looking to travel and play, as any musician should be doing.

“That’s my thing on being a musician, or in any field rather. You have to live it. If you want to be really good and different and stand out, you have to do that,” René explained.

But he quickly noted that he would be back, adding: “I’m very loyal to the 246. Of course, I’m coming back.”

René, alias Nelliux, believes the music industry in Barbados can grow, as long as those involved are committed to it.  Speaking specifically to the lack of live music on the island, he said he firmly believed it could make a comeback.

“The world is changing; it’s a real fast-paced world now. The people more want to hear a deejay because he can play a greater variety of music than a band at an event. I think or live music can be popular again . . . . All the bands would have to up their game.

René on the drums.
René on the drums.

“Especially if you want to get work in Barbados, you really have to up your game and incorporate some of the new stuff in your repertoire,” René added.

But, he told Bajan Vibes in order for both to thrive, the musicians and deejays had to work together.

“There’s a separation between deejays and musicians, but if they could have a better understanding between the two of them, maybe it could work out.

René loves making music.
René says there’s a separation between deejays and musicians.

“I don’t have a problem with the whole deejay thing; I think its pretty cool. I think deejays serve a very god purpose, and I think that deejays deserve a little more respect. In relation to the live bands, we have to up the game; and that’s what we are trying to do.

As for René and his band To And Fro, they are working assiduously on keeping up with the changing trends in music and appreciating all genres.

“The band To And Fro –– we are just looking to mix and play everything. The music of the world is changing; people are open-minded now to a lot of different genres. I don’t know if we have anything solid to call our own just yet, but we are working on it.

“It’s all about the music and the growth of it. It’s all about people being open-minded to different songs and liking [a song] for what it is; instead of putting up barriers. It’s about the music and growth,” René expounded.


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  1. Kris Lorde
    Kris Lorde January 8, 2015 at 12:47 pm

    René Nelson

  2. Yvonne Griffith
    Yvonne Griffith January 8, 2015 at 2:04 pm

    He resembles Oscar Wilde. I’m not insinuating anything – just observing the physical resemblance .


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