Several initiatives planned by BFA

2015 may just be the year that the Barbados Football Association (BFA) finally gets back on track.

With several projects earmarked to help assist with the development of the sport on the island, president Randy Harris is confident that the New Year will bring some positive changes to the association, following a rocky 12 months.

In an interview with Barbados TODAY, Harris revealed one of the BFA’s main initiatives would be to complete its administrative buildings situated at its Wildey, AstroTurf facility.

He said thanks for the assistance of FIFA, which had donated bleachers to the BFA capable of seating 1800 patrons at the Wildey venue.

Randy Harris
Randy Harris

“With some help from FIFA, we will be working diligently to complete the work in Wildey so we can really have more control of playing space.

“It will be done piece by piece, but right now we are looking to finish the administration building first and foremost,” Harris explained.

“Through the inter-generation fund, FIFA has also graciously donated some bleachers, and those will help significantly when construction is complete and we return to hosting games there.”

Additionally, he disclosed that the sport’s governing body would also be introducing a community based grassroots programme in Barbados.

It would be the second such programme following a CONCACAF grassroots initiative, which catered mainly to schoolchildren last year.

Harris said the FIFA programme would be held in four communities across the island – yet to be determined – while adding that a FIFA delegation was set to arrive within the next two weeks to help train coaches and administrators.

It will cater to both boys and girls between the ages of six and 12.

He pointed out that high on the list of initiatives as well, was the concentration on coaching education, which would be used as a foundation to improve coaching as well as helping in the development of young players.

Harris admitted that while the BFA would also be working towards helping the senior national side to improve its current ranking of 144, challenges with securing an appropriate venue could hamper its efforts.

“To improve our ranking, it means that we would have to play more international and regional games against FIFA members,” he outlined.

“We have some friendlies coming up, but we are having some challenges with an appropriate venue.

“Some work has been done to improve the pitch at the National Stadium, but work is now being done on the lighting and that could pose a problem,” Harris noted.

Also, he said that with the BFA’s technical director Marcos Falopa, having come to the end of his six-month stint, they were now looking to extend it for a further six to 12 months, depending on the amount of funds which they received from FIFA.


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