Globetrotting Konshens

Barbados has special place in dancehall artist's heart

He is handsome, extremely talented, and one of the biggest dancehall artists in Jamaica. In fact, make that in the world . . . , and no one can rock a red Mohawk or “red fade” like he does. Whom do I speak of? None other than the superstar that is Konshens –– given name Garfield Spence.

Konshens has performed all over the world –– from Ghana to London, to Nairobi . . . . But one place holds a special spot in his heart: Barbados! This is the island where he had one of his first big performances outside of Jamaica when he started his musical career back in 2008.

Speaking to Bajan Vibes at Divi Southwinds Beach Resort earlier this month, after arriving in the island for the Hennessy Artistry show, Konshens let it be known: “It is so good to be back in Barbados. You know, Barbados is special to me from long time!

“I think Reggae On The Hill was my first major show I did outside of Jamaica, and it was a great experience. The song Fair Weather Friend showed me that not just in Japan, or far parts of the world, but also in close areas there are songs people don’t listen to in Jamaica, and they are big songs in these small islands . . . .

“When we come here, the people show nuff love, and we show love too,” the Gyal A Bubble singer declared.

Konshens stressed he loved his fans just as much as they loved him.

Over the years, Konshens career has been steadily rising.
Over the years, Konshens career has been steadily rising.

His fan base has grown extensively since he first hit the stage in Barbados in 2008 with his black cornrow hairstyle. His admirers now spread across the globe, resulting in his many world travels taking “the music to the people”. His journey thus far he describes as nothing short of amazing.

“It’s been going really good. It’s been a steady rise, a steady climb. I give thanks for all the blessings and all the fan support. The fan base has grown tremendously, and I give thanks for that.

“The catalogue has grown as well, and I have been doing a whole heap of work in and out of the studio –– non-stop work,” Konshens revealed.

Since his career took off, Konshens has done large-scale work with many new and seasoned artistes –– the experience thus far being “nothing short of phenomenal”.

“I have to big up all the artistes –– the big and small. The up-and-coming and the icons that I have done collaborations with. The foundations of these songs were just good music. It was never just me trying to do something with a big artiste or younger artiste. It was just all about good organic music; and I give thanks for that once again,” the entertainer emphasized.

And this non-stop work requires his being constantly away from his homeland Jamaica.

Konshens admitted to Bajan Vibes that he did not like all the flying, but countered: “I have to do what I have to do.”

He admitted not spending enough time in Jamaica.

Konshens (right) sharing a joke with Tarrus Riley  after his performance at Hennessy Artistry.
Konshens (right) sharing a joke with Tarrus Riley after his performance at Hennessy Artistry.

“We live in the planes. The people around the world want the music; so we have to take it to them wherever they are; and the means of travel is the aeroplane. We are hardly home; and I don’t like flying. But, as an artiste, when you have the fans, they need to be serviced –– anywhere they are, and bring the music to them,” he explained.

And, throughout the years, Konshens has also nurtured many younger artistes, opening up avenues for them to make it onto the scene.

Darrio, with whom he sings Siddung (one of his hits), and Javada are just two of the many names that have come up under the SubKonshus family. Konshens enjoys working with the young up-and-coming artistes.

“I’m always working. I have friends that are artistes and I have friends that are talented people; and it’s always a good look to make a man be able to hunt his own bread.

“If I can provide the means for someone to hunt their own food, that’s great. People that are coming around are all talented. So it’s good,” he said.

Konshens currently has his own band –– Di Blueprint Band –– and they have been blowing up stages all over the world.

With many hot songs and dynamic performances under his belt, the down to earth Konshens still cannot point to just one that stands out. For him, they are all special.

“Everything that I have done stays with me. There is not one thing that comes to mind that I could say, ‘This is the highlight of my career’. I’m just happy to get up every day and be able to sing.

“Thank God for the media and the fans that we can really show some appreciation instantly. I just give thanks for everything that’s happening,” the dancehall artist said with a sense of pride.

Before wrapping up the Bajan Vibes interview, Konshens offered his Christmas and New Year’s wishes for his fans.

“My Christmas wish and New Year’s resolution are the same almost every year: peace and love, and prosperity.

“Ambition is the key. Just ease off of the crime and show love every time,” he said with a bright smile.

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