NOW again calls on women to speak up

Following today’s vicious attack on 36-year-old Marva Ward, the National Organisation of Women (NOW) has issued a fresh appeal to women to speak out against domestic violence.

NOW President Marilyn Rice-Bowen has specifically called on them “to seek help early and to treat every threat as serious”, while condemning the cutlass attack, which has left Ward warded at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) with multiple cutlass wounds and in serious condition.

NOW President Marilyn Rice-Bowen (right) was among        those taking part in tonight’s walk against Crimes of Silence.
NOW President Marilyn Rice-Bowen (right) was among those taking part in tonight’s walk against Crimes of Silence.

“It has upset us all very much because violence at any time takes a toll on you mentally and we do hope that the lady survives,” the NOW President said, noting it was the second time this year a woman had fallen victim to such an attack.

“We do hope that she pulls through and then [we will] to be able to meet with her and meet with her family to see what other assistance that we can render,” Rice-Bowen told Barbados TODAY.

Police say the attacker, who was known to the victim, is currently in their custody.

While not releasing his full identity, lawmen say the St Michael man, who is in his 30’s, was apprehended a short distance away from the scene of the incident, which occurred around 7 a.m. at the back of Sky Mall in Haggatt Hall, St Michael.

Maintaining that it was one incident too many, the NOW President also used the opportunity to urge women to “speak out” and not to suffer in silence.

“There is always someone willing to listen,” she said.

“They [domestic abuse victims]  can call the crisis hotline. Somebody is always there to talk you through the situation. If they feel that their lives are threatened by all means, don’t even hesitate, go straight to the police station and don’t leave until they get a solution.

“The major thing is to treat every threat seriously,” she stressed.

Back in August, 27-year-old Margaret Christopher was viciously attacked by her former companion as she and her six-year-old son disembarked from a bus at Parris Hill, St Joseph after weeks of harassment, threats and stalking.

Christopher, a resident of Halls Road, St Michael was slashed across her throat and from ear to mouth.

Tonight, as she addressed a gathering in the Oistins Bay Garden, following a walk against the Crimes of Silence to end the 2014 16 Days of Activism, Rice-Bowen reminded women that love and “licks” don’t mix.

She noted that once “licks” were introduced to a relationship, the person being abused should exit immediately.

“There is this old feeling that if you don’t hit me you don’t love me and this morning when we were doing some canvassing, a man said, ‘but the women say if you don’t lick me you don’t love me’. We will continue to focus on ways to assisting victims and transforming their lives,” she said.


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  1. Sheron Fenty December 11, 2014 at 7:16 am

    Yes we do need support speaking from being there a “SURVIVOR” we need to love one very important person in all of this you need to start “LOVING YOURSELF” love does not hurt.Children brought up in this type of environment are also scared. we need to stop allowing this yes we allow people to treat us the way they do.There is nothing to be ashamed of for you did nothing

  2. Deejay December 11, 2014 at 3:14 pm

    Know what? Right NOW – and for quite a long time NOW, I am sick and tired of N.O.W’s frankly pathetic approach to the predominantly-male perpetuated Violence Against Women in Barbados.

    WHEN, pray tell, will this group get around to – seriously – articulating some even half-way feasible agenda for Change? And I don’t mean the same-ol’ same-ol’ regime of: “Let us March, Sisters!” or: “Let us Pray, Sisters!’ or: “Let us Beg (…sorry..) Lobby Parliament, Sisters.”

    Instead, they apparently find it easier to (…okay – I am being more sarcastic than serious here…) to seek The Next Photo Opportunity to basically STAND AROUND DOING NOTHING BUT LOOKING FORLORN. Is that REALLY all they are bringing to the table?!? Empty, futile – and as such frankly wasted PATHOS?

    Good grief, ladies! Take a tip: instead of BEGGING the current (lamentably FOISTED) instalment of an Attorney-General to – first of all TRY to even LOCATE his White and Green papers, far less bestir himself to (…gasp!!!…) take any kind of serious ACTION on the darn thing before it turns SEPIA, why not SPEAK DIRECTLY to BARBDIAN WOMEN themselves?

    Suggestion: Instead of everybody’s Granny falling over themselves to the “the one” to clog-up Parliament Yard and plant a Loving Kiss (…in full Camera-view, of course..) on some Hopelessly Hapless Politician, why not rally BAJAN WOMEN to CHALLENGE THE POLITERRATI TO *EARN* THEIR NEXT VOTE? If the incumbent wants to continue to earn, or the Wingers want to get back in: *MAKE* WOMEN’S VOTE *DIRECTLY, UNASHAMEDLY & UNCOMPROMISINGLY COMMENSURATE WITH WOMEN’S RIGHT ISSUES LIKE: MINIMUM-SENTENCING OF 10 YEARS FOR BATTERY; 15 YEARS FOR MURDER.

    A Challenge that goes EQUALLY for the Delightfully Uniformed School Girls, who are – after all, the Young Up-and-Coming WOMEN of the next Generation, but who – just like their Old Misguided/Sycophantic Grannies, clog-up Parliament Yard to pin flora onto the freshly-pressed suits and freshly-bought dresses of our Gentlemen and Ladies of the Largely Idle Guv’munt.

    ….and to HELL with this “Gender Equality” nonsense: when LAST aeon did YOU see ANY Man, ANY where and at ANY time, brutalized by anyone ….other than his very OWN Gender?!!! The day that Women COWARDLY and COMPLICITLY swallowed this whole “gender” morphing of the largely UNABATED Male-perpetuated CRIMES against women, was the day of their undoing.

    Women are too bloody spineless, and that’s the sickening Truth.

  3. Maxine Baker December 11, 2014 at 5:33 pm

    Could someone tell me where I can find the number to call the Crisis Centre so that i could tell others where to look also?


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