Laurianne goes global

Former Teen Talent winner launches debut album

A Trinidad-based Barbadian female vocalist who won the Richard Stoute Teen Talent Contest in 2002 is now going global. Laurianne Morris, formerly Laurianne Caines, will soon be embarking on a regional and international tour, as a follow-up to the launch ofКher debut album Journey To Survival in Barbados last Sunday night and in the United States on Monday.

The local launch, which took place at Divi Southwinds in Christ Church, featured Laurianne performing some of the self-penned songs from her ten-track CD, which she started recording in 2009. Laurianne, who performs alternative and R&B, is also promoting the single Believe, which is one of the tracks from her album.

Laurianne Morris singing one of the several tracks from her debut album Journey To Survival.
Laurianne Morris singing one of the several tracks from her debut album Journey To Survival.

Executive producer and founder of the Barbados Music Awards, Ronnie Morris, who manages this talented Barbadian, announced on Sunday night that he would be going to Las Vegas the following day to launch the CD on iTunes and other multimedia outlets.

“You need to listen to the album. The album is groundbreaking. The album is really good. Last night [Saturday], we had a conversation with one of the biggest music industry executives in the USA. The person works for Alicia Keys; he works with Regina Belle; he works with everybody you can think of. And he said he loves Believe, and it is going to be available on in two weeks, Amazon and iTunes.

“So when I say to you that the possibility is there [Laurianne could become as big as Beyonce or Rihanna], the possibility is there,” Morris declared, while addressing the ceremony that at which Laurianne’s Jamaican executive producer husband Christopher Morris, young son Michael Morris and Kititian mother Verna Nicholls were present.

Morris thanked fans, friends and music industry stakeholders for attending the launch, “because we always wait until someone wins a Grammy to hold a big show in town”.

In an interview with Barbados TODAY at the end of the show, Laurianne said she was pleased with how her singing career was going.

“I am very happy with how things are shaping up. I do a variety of music. I would not class myself as an R&B singer or a pop singer, but personally I love alternative music. I have an alternative on the album called Whatever.

“My single on the album [Journey To Survival] is Believe; it’s about confidence, it’s about liberation.

“Then the second track is Love To Me. I wrote that to my husband, I wrote that to my son and I wrote that to myself. It’s about learning to love yourself and appreciate who you are, and not what people perceive you to be,” added the personable young artiste.

She said the only selection she did not write on her own was Bad Mind, which was co-composed by Trinidadian Carla Gonsalves.

In tracing the journey to her debut album, she recalled migrating to Trinidad with her husband and meeting a producer called Class (son of Carla Gonsalves) from First Class Records.

A fan about to receive  a signed promotional poster from Laurianne Morris.
A fan about to receive a signed promotional poster from Laurianne Morris.

“I was back and fourth [between Trinidad and Barbados] for four years consecutively, and it was just last year that everything started coming together . . . . It was mastered and mixed and we started taking promotional pictures in June.

“I was on a break, and I called Ronnie, and he was available, and it grew from there.”

Asked where she saw her career going, the young mother replied: “Well, I see myself going a long way, because it’s not only the glamour side; there is putting in the hard work. You cannot get anywhere in life without putting in the hard work. I am focused and I am dedicated.

“I believe in what I am doing, and I am putting in the hard work, and I am going to get far.”

After winning the Richard Stoute Teen Talent Contest 12 years ago, she sang on the hotel circuit for seven years. But her public singing has it roots in church, when at the age of nine she received several encores at an Easter programme at St Leonard’s Anglican Church, where she rendered Jesus Is Not Dead, He Is Risen.

“I got a standing ovation . . . . I sang the song three times that afternoon,” Laurianne recalled with a hearty laugh.

She told Barbados TODAY that while she was currently based in Trinidad, she would be shuttling between that twin island republic and Barbados РР and probably Las Vegas.

Also performing at last Sunday night’s album launch were Ronnie Morris himself, who did three solo selections, and then collaborated with Laurianne and Jahir Yearwood, a Gold Coast Records emerging artiste, who opened the show.

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