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Small business the answer

Inniss pushes entrepreneur spirit

Entrepreneurship is the key to turning the economy around – this word from Minister of Industry, International Business, Commerce and Small Business Development Donville Inniss.

Speaking at the St Peter Parish Independence Committee Awards Ceremony, Inniss urged those gathered to make it their business to create something new, hone the skill and create opportunities for themselves.

“I really wish that when Barbadians engage in discussion on how to move this economy forward, about pulling ourselves up, that we recognize we have to get back to some of the basics. Get back to some of the fundamentals of community life.

“We need to make sure none of our resources are wasted, whether human resources or natural resources. I believe that we have a wonderful opportunity to turn this economy around and put it on a sustainable path by fully engaging and focusing on small business at the community level,” Inniss said.

He lauded the St Peter Parish Ambassadors for their great work, and urged all to get more involved in small business development.

“I want to congratulate the Parish Ambassadors and the entire team for the concept that you developed here in St Peter. I really think you hit the nail on the head with the project.”

Inniss further urged them to continue on the positive path.

“It’s often non-governmental organizations that step up to the plate and do far more than the Government can do, even in the midst of limited resources. I thank the SBA for continuing to draw on the expertise of their reservoir of knowledge in the communities and so on . . . ,” the minister said.

Additionally, he told them not to be disheartened if a project did not work at first, and reminded them that big businesses did not start big.

“Remember that none of us started at the top. We would have started as young boys . . . . I want you to reflect that every business starts with an idea. Many of the large businesses today started from someone’s backyard. It doesn’t start in a large air-conditioned boardroom . . . ,” he added.

For its project, the St Peter Parish Independence Committee held a series of workshops in jewelry making, gift basket making, jams and preservatives, and pastries, among many others. Inniss urged workshop participants not to let their knowledge end there, but to now look to find ways of getting their products into the market.

He further urged all Barbadians to do more at the community level because that was where all must begin.

“I also wish to emphasize that when we focus on entrepreneurship, at the community level, we are instilling in our people a greater level of confidence in themselves. What you have done here must be celebrated. That is exactly what we need to do,” he said.

“We really do not have enough individuals who have succeeded in life and who freely give back to their communities.”

Spoken word artist Janine White performing.

Spoken word artist Janine White performed at the awards ceremony.

 Chairperson of the St Peter Parish Independence Committee,  Naki Modoo.

Chairperson of the St Peter Parish Independence Committee, Naki Modoo, addressing those in attendance.

Hotelier Colin Jordan with wife Charmaine (centre) and Chief Community Development Officer Patricia Hackett-Codrington during the St Peter Parish Independence Committee Awards Ceremony.

Hotelier Colin Jordan with wife Charmaine (centre) and Chief Community Development Officer Patricia Hackett-Codrington during the St Peter Parish Independence Committee Awards Ceremony.

One Response to Small business the answer

  1. jr smith November 19, 2014 at 5:00 am

    Many business people are condemning the red tape and snail pace things move at in Barbados, We are so laid back, we cant even look forward.
    Its all talk from politicians, the government of the day, make the climate right for, to encourage businesses to develop, for the interest of the people, not in the interest of some people.


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