Team Mikey in cancer fight

The Team Mikey (@teammikey246) Charity is continuing to make its contribution to Barbados. At present it’s all about the guys for the team.

On Monday, the team made a contribution to the Barbados Cancer Society directed towards its Men Against Cancer programme. Chairman Michael Mikey Mercer said the team felt there needed to be a greater focus on men’s health – in particular prostate cancer.

From left, welfare officer  Jacqueline Skeete and president  of Barbados Cancer Society,  Dr Cooke-Johnson, receiving  the cheque from Mikey.
From left, welfare officer Jacqueline Skeete and president of Barbados Cancer Society, Dr Cooke-Johnson, receiving the cheque from Mikey.

He noted that the statistics relating to mortality with this disease was very alarming and urged men to get tested. He expressed his gratitude to the public for their continued support and noted that this donation would not have been possible without it.

Barbados Cancer Society (BCS) president Dr Cooke-Johnson graciously accepted the donation, echoing Mikey’s sentiments. She stated that one aspect of the testing process had become extremely simple by way of a blood test, which could be done at the BCS at a minor cost of $45.

Cooke-Johnson added that the donation from Team Mikey would go towards prostate cancer testing for men, adding that “men can also have the rectal testing done at the Barbados Cancer Society and that two lovely nurses conducted this test to make it a bit less uncomfortable for the guys”.

This is the first in a planned series of donations for the BCS from Team Mikey, based on monies collected from its fundraising wristband project.

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