Encouraging the culinary arts

Trenel Ifill making dessert.

With the culinary arts to take centre stage in the National Independence Festival of Creative Arts (NIFCA), the National Cultural Foundation is going all out to bring more awareness to the discipline.

Rhea Superville showed off her skills with the knife.

As part of that effort, it hosted a promotion at the Massy Stores in Warrens yesterday to encourage more public participation.

Several chefs, including Peter Edey and Rhea Superville, a recipient of the Governor General’s Award at NIFCA, were on hand to carry out demonstrations for the public as well as offer samples of their dishes.

The promotion was also held to bring awareness to the upcoming Roberts Culinary Arts Arena and Expo to be held November 14 to 17 at the Wildey Gymnasium.

Chief Cultural Officer at the NCF Andrea Wells

The NCF’s Chief Cultural Officer Andrea Wells said the event “will see a celebration of Barbadian culinary heritage”.

“We will see the culmination of different culinary competitions . . . We expect the Best Bajan Cook competition, which is the first time that we have a cook-off competition for non-professional chefs, to be one of the highlights,” she said.

Wells added that winners from this year’s culinary competition would also be on hand to show off their skills.

She said the NCF is generally pleased with what is coming out of the culinary arts. However, she said, while there was an increase in registration there was a fall off in the number of people who actually followed through and participated.


The public came out to sample foods and beverages.

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