Passion for poetry

Ra-Shana Horton can now boast of being a triple bronze medallist.

She was recently informed that her three entries Caribbean Queen, Somewhere At Home and Mama Knows Best have earned bronze medals in the National Independence Festival Of Creative Arts (NIFCA) literary arts discipline.

She told Bajan Vibes she was shocked as she had penned the pieces at the last minute.

“The deadline was a week away when I started writing; so there was only one piece that I thought was really worthy of an award, and that was Mama Knows Best, because I put the most effort into that one. I honestly did not expect to receive awards for the others –– but I am thankful nonetheless,” Ra-Shana said.

It is even more so a surprise, as Horton had not put pen to paper in two years.

“I started writing when I was about 15 years old at Harrison College. I was very interested in English literature . . . . I did a lot of writing. Then I just stopped because I was busy with school and work. I just fell off for a bit. The last thing I wrote was in 2012. I entered a poem in NIFCA and that had won bronze as well. And between 2012 and August this year I had not written anything,” she said.

The 24-year-old said a close friend, who “knew the potential I had”, encouraged her to resume her writing.

Ra'Shana putting pen to paper.
Ra’Shana putting pen to paper.

“This August she asked me, ‘Ra-Shana, when was the last time you did anything creative?’, and I could not give her a good answer; so I decided to get back to writing. The next two days, I went on the NIFCA website to see when the deadline was and I started preparing my pieces,” Horton explained.

She is currently preparing to start an online writing course to further improve her writing.

“That one is more based on prose; so I am going to be focusing a bit on developing my writing in prose fiction. I’m definitely going to be focusing on developing my poetry.”

The young writer has dreams of one day becoming a published author, but she is not considering it as a full-time career.

“I don’t think I will focus on writing solely. My writing is a part of me and I would like to see it continue. I would like to release two or three books at least; but in terms of seeing writing as a professional career, I would have to say no. I am more geared towards psychology,” she told Bajan Vibes.

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