Motorcade cancelled

Jeffrey Bostic
Jeffrey Bostic

A motorcade that was scheduled to take place through the City of Bridgetown by the opposition Barbados Labour Party (BLP) to whip up interest in next weekend’s annual conference was cancelled today.

Spokesperson Pat Parris said the Opposition party opted to call off the activity because it was not possible to start on time and had to finish by 12:30 p.m.

Earlier this morning, at a Press conference, Member of Parliament Jeffrey Bostic said the mood was high in the BLP ahead of the 76th Annual Conference scheduled for the St Leonard’s Boys’ School from October 24 to 26.

Bostic, the conference committee chairman, was responding to a question from the media about the absence of former prime minister and BLP leader Owen Arthur, who resigned from the party several months ago to become an Independent.

If you look at the numbers, as I indicated, we have approximately 1,000 delegates. That alone, I think is indicative of the mood at this time in that we don’t focus on any individual but the party and the party’s business. So the mood is upbeat. We’re really looking forward to it. There’s a lot of work to be done because obviously our country is in a very serious socio-economic condition and this is an opportunity to do the people’s work, the country’s work,” said the MP.

Unlike previous years, the party leader is down to deliver her address on Saturday, a day earlier than customary.

Bostic explained: “We are giving a lot more time for the discussion of resolutions because we believe from what has been coming from the constituency branches that there are a lot of issues out there that our members want to discuss. Resolutions are, of course, the bedrock for the development of party policy.”

More that 15 resolutions have been forwarded to the party for discussion on matters such as drainage, sanitation, public transportation, health, and education.

The theme of the conference is safeguarding our stability.

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