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Breedy making professional debut

Barbadian-born boxer Cobia Breedy will take his career one step further next week Friday, October 24, when he makes his professional debut.

Breedy, who is currently based in Washington DC, told Barbados TODAY he intended to become the next world champion in his division and was looking towards winning his next 20 professional fights in order to get a shot at the world title.

“I want my fans to know I will be the next world champion and I am doing this for them. I will raise the Barbados flag high and represent 100 per cent. I feel very confident for my first upcoming professional fight next week. I have been working hard and putting in my rounds of sparring with the help of my coach Floyd Seymour. It does not matter who I fight, I am ready,” Breedy said confidently.

The former Princess Margaret student has 13 years boxing experience under his belt as an amateur and is scheduled to take on United States boxer Calvin Smith when the Live Professional Boxing Tournament takes place at Rosecroft Raceway in Washington DC.

It will be an interesting showdown between the two as Breedy will be entering the battle with an 84-12 record behind him as an amateur boxer. Smith on the other hand has a taste of fighting professionally and has won two fights and lost eight so far in his career.

Breedy’s coach Floyd Seymour told Barbados TODAY the competition in Washington was very keen and Cobia was definitely a super contender among the boxers in Washington.

Cobia Breedy (left) and coach Seymour Floyd.
Cobia Breedy (left) and coach Seymour Floyd.

“Cobia is like the hardest guy in the area right now as a fighter in Washington DC. All the guys that he trains with he is beating up on everybody and I have no doubt he is ready for his first professional fight,” Seymour said.

The coach said Breedy, who goes by the ring name Cobia Soldier Breedy, knows how to fight and it is because of that fighting spirit that he is expecting the boxer to put up a good fight.

A former Barbados Defence Force Sports Programme member, Breedy took the time to thank local coach Gary Bowen and the Barbados Amateur Association for supporting him.

The 22-year-old, who turns 23 next week Monday, said: “I want to thank everyone for their support, especially my coach back home Gary Bowen, the Amateur Association . . . and my family for supporting me and helping me get to this level because without them I would not be here. I am about to do something big because I am in a good position right now. I am training with some of the best fighters in the world. I am just so excited and I want to encourage Barbadians and all Caribbean people living in Washington to come out and support me,” Breedy said.


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