Late to the party

Jordan only filed for BLP membership in August

He has already secured the backing of the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) as its most likely candidate for St Peter, but up until recently tourism consultant Colin Jordan was not a card carrying member of the Opposition BLP.

Barbados TODAY has been reliably informed that though a staunch supporter of the party at the time, Jordan had not officially joined the fold and therefore had not paid any dues.

In fact, his formal application was made subsequent to the August 13 meeting at which he received a ringing endorsement from members of the BLP’s St Peter branch, along with party leader Mia Mottley, as the man in whom they had the greatest confidence to be the party’s “caretaker” until elections were held.

Informed sources also say the matter came up for heated discussion at a September 11 meeting of the party’s National Council where concerns were raised about Jordan’s standing within the 76-year-old political institution.

Subsequent to that meeting, his formal application was due to go before the membership committee for consideration.

It is further understood that under the party’s constitution, Rule 22D, “no person shall become a member of the party until six weeks after he or she has filed an application with the general secretary”.

When contacted for comment on the matter yesterday, Jordan directed us to the party’s General Secretary Jerome Walcott, who was initially dismissive, but today reported that Jordan had applied for membership back in August.

“Mr Jordan is a member according to the constitution. He put in a form in August and this is October and it shall be dated the day on which it arrived at headquarters,” Walcott told Barbados TODAY.

No further details were forthcoming from him or Opposition Leader Mottley who dismissed the matter as a “non-issue”, ahead of this weekend’s nomination exercise that is expected to confirm Jordan as the BLP’s replacement for Owen Arthur in the northern riding.

Sunday’s St Peter nomination also comes ahead of the BLP’s annual conference, which opens on October 24 ,and will be the first such gathering since Arthur quit the Opposition party back in July.

Party sources say Mottley is expected to use that occasion to stamp her authority on the party and to chart its way forward without Arthur, who has already thrown his weight behind Jordan as his successor in the north.                                               


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  1. Doria Alleyne
    Doria Alleyne October 15, 2014 at 6:43 am

    Better late than NEVER Mr. C. JORDAN (Y) (Y) <3


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