Hope for Industry High

Special needs school in need of financing

Moves are afoot to reposition the financially challenged Industry High School in St Philip as an educational institution catering specifically to children and adults with special needs.

The 88-year-old facility, which was founded by the late educator Hilda Skeene, has not had any students to teach this term.

The Industry High School
Industry High School

One official with intimate knowledge of the school said the 4,000 square foot property was now available to anyone willing to address “an obvious area of need in Barbados, where many children are leaving school without certificates and are ending up on the blocks”.

“We are looking for anyone who can respond with the appropriate programmes and financing. There is a proposal on the table, but [it] has not taken shape as yet,” he added.

Barbados TODAY understands that a number of people have already expressed an interest in operating the facility, with persons checking it out every week.

The official explained that a repositioned Industry High School would not be restricting its educational programmes to children, but adults of any age could also benefit.

The reconfigured facility could even cater to persons from other Caribbean countries, according to the official who expressed concern that too many of the country’s children were “falling through the cracks” and were in dire need of a second chance.

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