Trip-maker giving more and more

Omar Hamilton knows how to –– and loves to –– have a good time. So much so, he is making a living from it –– and loving it!

Omar and a group of some 25 friends, whom he now considers his travel family, started making trips to the Caribbean from the United States; and it is from these trips that he decided to form his own event planning company Oh Psalms.

“We call ourselves the Oh Psalms travel family. We take pride in it. It’s like a brother and sisterhood.

“It’s beyond just taking trips together. We are a group of like-minded individuals. It’s more than just a yearly trip. We have something special and we are really blessed to be with one another,” Omar said.

The group has grown tremendously –– from 25 to 200 –– and the travelling it does is now dubbed Liming In The Sun.

Omar said he decided to form the group back in 2004 so people from all walks of life –– some of them with a Caribbean background –– could come together and have a good time in the Caribbean. Since the inception of the trips, the group has travelled to Barbados, Grenada, Jamaica, Anguilla, Mexico among others.

Omar Hamilton
Omar Hamilton

“It started with about 25 friends, but now it has since taken on a life of its own. Every year the groups consists of about 150 to 200 persons. It varies on where we go. One of the more popular events when we land is the beach party. We have like a secluded beach.

“. . . We find a private location set up a deejay, set up drinks, and just have fun. But our staple event is our booze cruise. This year, we had the same concept where we had two catamarans and we went to Anguilla, and it was like our own little private island for a day. Just imagine 200 people on a little private island. We had a great time,” Omar explained.

Omar, a graduate of Howard University, handles all the planning, all the logistics for each trip, and organizes hotel accommodation and airfares for all those travelling in the group.

“New people have to fill out an application with the group, and also provide a reference as well,” Omar said. “Your reference is responsible for you, and you must have one,” he said.

But the group does not just party. A major part of the trip involves giving back. And Omar said for him this was most gratifying.

“Any island that we go to, we always make sure we give back. We know there are some people who are not as fortunate to have the experiences we have, so anywhere that we go, we collect funds within our group and we find a worthy cause . . . and we donate.

“We’ve donated computers, hand-held devices, Kindle Fires, new sneakers . . . whatever in particular the organizations need. Any place we touch down on, we make sure of it. When you come on my trip, you can’t just sign up; and they know that that’s what they have to do.

“If all of us took the initiative to give back, things would be a lot better. So we are just really trying to do our part,” Omar said.

Outside of his liming, Omar has represented artistes and athletes, including a list of celebrities, among whom has been media mogul Oprah Winfrey when she interviewed Rihanna in Barbados. Then, Omar was official consultant to Harpo Productions.

He also managed footballers who played for the Washington Redskins, Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos; and represents current Olympians.

“I used to be in the music industry; I used to work with music artistes, models; people that just wanted help. And you would be surprised people come up to me wanting help and not even got a biography. But now I don’t do it as much,” he said.

Omar said he expected his business Oh Psalms to continue growing, and he would like to give back much more.

“Life is about more . . . . I see the need and you see what the youth need. Most gratifying is when we go to these homes and we walk in with the computers and books and we give them to these kids, and the looks on their faces is not an experience I would ever forget –– and I would like to expound on it a lot more.”

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