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PM tours roads for fixing

Government officials visit areas under construction

Prime Minister Freundel Stuart today led a tour of two areas earmarked for road rehabilitation, following persistent complaints of flooding caused by drainage problems. The first stop on the walk-through, while accompanied by Minister of Works Michael Lashley and officials of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport and of C.O. Williams Construction, was at Luke’s Avenue, Bayville, St Michael, where work began a week ago on 800 metres of road.

Prime Minister Freundel Stuart and Minister of Works Michael Lashley touring Luke’s Avenue this morning.

Prime Minister Freundel Stuart and Minister of Works Michael Lashley touring Luke’s Avenue this morning.

“For some time now we’ve been having severe drainage problems here at Luke’s Avenue, and this has not only [caused] significant inconvenience to residents of Luke’s Avenue, and users of Luke’s Avenue, but it has done severe damage over time to the road itself.

“And, therefore, we’ve had to go back to the drawing board and try to come to more rational, scientific and engineering conclusions as to how best to deal with the challenges that have been posed by severe drainage problems when we’ve had, not to heavy rainfall, and more severe when we’ve had severe rainfall,” Prime Minister Stuart, the parliamentary representative for St Michael South said.

He explained that a “roll-over curb” was being installed at Luke’s Avenue to better manage the run-off water. That project is due to be completed in three weeks.

Roger Gill of INFRA Inc. explaining the road rehabilitation process at Waterhall Land.

Roger Gill of INFRA Inc. explaining the road rehabilitation process at Waterhall Land.

Also down to benefit from road improvements is Waterhall Land in St Michael, where work is due to begin in about two weeks and be completed by February. Member of Parliament for the St Michael Central Steve Blackett said residents in the area had been calling for relief for the six years he has been the parliamentary representative, and he was happy action was finally being taken.

“Ever since I assumed the responsibility of Member of Parliament for this area, I’ve been making a strong case for rehabilitation and repair of these roads in Waterhall Land, which consist of Roxy Avenue and Niles Road . . . and some of the adjoining avenues . I’m glad that this day has come.” Blackett said.


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4 Responses to PM tours roads for fixing

  1. Toni Carter Watson
    Toni Carter Watson September 13, 2014 at 6:57 am

    Stupse all of them tour the roads and nothing happens….only ones to get fix is the ones they use to they houses hmmm

  2. Philip Matthews
    Philip Matthews September 13, 2014 at 7:26 am

    elections coming ?

  3. Ryan Henry
    Ryan Henry September 13, 2014 at 8:29 am

    They start them then take years to finish as usual

  4. jr smith September 14, 2014 at 8:32 am

    If the queen or prince Charles was visiting the area , see how quick work will be done. We need to stop messing with politicians. They play us all for fools. They behave so bad.
    Nothing is done to most things until it suits them.
    We need a bylaw, written into our parliamentary system, if the people are not happy with the member they voted to serve them, a vote of no confidence is taken , if it goes against , him/her that person resign, selection process is held followed by a new election for a new MP.


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