Talent handling in demand

Bright future for training companies seen

One talent management firm is predicting an increased demand for talent management solutions in Barbados and the region. Chief executive officer of Profiles Caribbean Inc., Peter Downes, says he anticipates a number of training services remaining relevant for years to come, and his company is already positioning itself to meet those needs.

Downes was addressing an audience of businesspeople during the company’s 20th anniversary celebrations at Champers yesterday, which also saw the official launch of Crestcom –– an affiliate of Profiles Caribbean Inc. –– that will initially offer leadership and management training in Barbados. It has locations in other parts of the world.

Profiles Caribbean currently specializes in assessments, recruitment and human resource consulting services.

Downes said after starting operations two decades ago, the company started to form strategic partnerships in 1996, and now had 12 such partners throughout the Caribbean. And that number, he said, would increase “shortly” as demands for the services continued to rise.

Chief executive officer of Profiles Caribbean Inc., Peter Downes.
Chief executive officer of Profiles Caribbean Inc.,              Peter Downes.

“In 1998, we decided we have to get involved in some other things. So we added recruitment and selection; not because we saw a need to diversify at the time, but it was more a question of what customers demanded . . . . Today we have a database of over 6,500 candidates,” said Downes.

He said over the years the company had managed to diversify its assessment tools to not only include pre-screening, recruitment and retention, but also to improve sales and customer service, enhance employee performance, team building, leadership development, education and career planning. He also announced that it would be seeking to offer sales training through Crestcom.

“You are either green and growing, or you are ripe and rotting. We see a bright future with Profiles, since we see that there is going to be a very compelling demand for talent management solutions. Boards are demanding succession and talent plans, along with workforce analytics.

“Organizations are seeking to secure top talent and the right people. New strategies are required to keep the changing workforce engaged. We have different kinds of generations moving up. And that is changing the dynamics within organizations,” said Downes.

“Companies are requiring HR to be more strategically focused, and HR will need automated talent management systems and solutions, which will help to increase the return on investment from those same systems and solutions that exist,” he added.

In her remarks, Senator Maxine McClean lauded the company for its efforts over the years in taking risks, adding that the Profiles Caribbean Inc. “has definitely recognized important market needs”.

“I know you assisted companies to seek training and development and measurement as investment in their people and in the companies’ performance. The narrow view of such expenditures as mere expenses used to be and still is too prevalent,” she said.

“Ultimately an understanding of the critical importance of staff and staff development contribute to the shaping of a learning organization. The reality is that too many organizations in this region fail to strive to be learning organizations. Sadly, if a business is not learning, it will soon fall behind and lose competitiveness, or even fail,” added McClean.

Saying that she was happy to see the expansion of the company in the region, McClean urged operators of Profiles Caribbean Inc. to take advantage of the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) and expand their services into the African market.


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