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Rowe wants Govt to push development of young artistes

Founder and producer of Honey Jam Barbados, Ebonnie Rowe, wants to see Government taking over the initiative to help take it further forward.

Founder and of producer of Honey Jam Barbados, Ebonnie Rowe.

Founder and of producer of Honey Jam Barbados, Ebonnie Rowe.

She told Barbados TODAY that the multicultural, multigenre artist showcase for young women to gain exposure, education, mentoring and networking opportunities in the music industry and arts community, now in its third year, has huge potential as an entertainment tourism offering.

“We are developing these young artistes to get to a point that they can go international, that they can bring money back home, bring interest in Barbados back home, and that benefits all of us,” she said last night, following the launch of the 2014 installment of the initiative.

Along with the workshop and showcase, Honey Jam Barbados also promotes women’s charities and offers opportunities to female entrepreneurs.

Rowe further expressed the view that the yet to be proclaimed Cultural Industries Development Bill also holds some promise.

“One of the things that was proposed in that bill is that corporations get tax relief by sponsoring things like this and that would really help an initiative such as ours. I’m not sure where we’re gonna come out this of this bad economy, and the corporations would like a little bit of ease as an incentive for them to support initiatives like this,” she stressed.

One Response to Rowe wants Govt to push development of young artistes

  1. Bobby Brown
    Bobby Brown September 3, 2014 at 11:17 pm

    Ebony every body wants goverment too do something


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