‘Not buying it!’

NCF takeover of Truck causing controversy

Crop Over 2014 has ended with a clear sign that organizers want changes; but a major move concerning the Revellers’ Truck is causing speculation and surprises that could lead to controversy.

Among changes announced was one by National Cultural Foundation CEO Cranston Browne regarding steps taken to curb a troubled and violence-prone section.

Taking on the role of an event spoiler, that Truck appeared to attract controversy in recent years, with 2014 being marked by a shooting incident and subsequent arrest by lawmen.

As the curtain came down on the 40th Crop Over, Browne spoke of NCF’s planned move to take over the Truck.

“On the table is the NCF’s imminent rebranding and management of the Revellers’ Truck in 2015 to bring a bit of structure and colour to the whole concept so they too can become a part of the spectacle that is Grand Kadooment,” Browne said at the Crop Over Awards ceremony Saturday night.

But Power X Four bandleader Chetwyn Stewart is not buying it.

Chetwyn Stuart
Chetwyn Stuart

He told Barbados TODAY: “There is a reason behind that. They are not just taking over because of the colour; they are taking over [because] they probably want to be able to have more control of the revellers, and try to keep the revellers away from infiltrating the bands.

“The main reason for that Truck has been so that the revellers have somewhere they could go and jump instead of coming and jumping into the band. I think the reason behind it is to make it more attractive to the revellers, so they will stay with the truck instead of jumping into the band. I won’t have a problem with that.

“In the past, the reason for the Robert’s Truck was to facilitate the revellers because we found that, if they didn’t have the Truck, they would just come and bore the bands. As it is now, we are still getting problems with revellers boring the bands. So I suppose if they didn’t have that, they figure they would get a lot more problems with revellers.

“I think they just trying to do more with it, make it more attractive to the revellers.”

On the other hand, Stuart wondered whether Truck sponsors Robert’s Manufacturing had stopped supporting it.

“The problem might be that Roberts decided that they not going to sponsor any more.”

Browne had said Saturday: “With the proposed transition to the NCF Truck, we would like to recognize the contribution of Robert’s Manufacturing who has helped to make this possible for a number of years.”

But managing director of Robert’s Manufacturing, Robert Foster, was surprised at Browne’s announcement. He told Barbados TODAY that he was still awaiting a proposal from the NCF about the Truck sponsorship, and a meeting on the matter at the end of September.

Managing director of Robert’s Manufacturing, Robert Foster.
Managing director of Robert’s Manufacturing,              Robert Foster.

“That is all I can tell you, because that is what was agreed to at the last meeting. We never said anything about not sponsoring, or anything.

“We still want to be part of the whole festival, but it has to be done in a certain manner. The last meeting we had with the NCF, it was very clear. They said they were going to put proposals and stuff together and get back to us by the end of September.”


2 Responses to ‘Not buying it!’

  1. Cardinal Hinds
    Cardinal Hinds August 28, 2014 at 4:50 pm

    The revellers band was conceptualized to capture those persons who find it necessary to misbehave were & when they like, a place where they can jump with no cost attached, to keep them distracted was the ultimate goal so that they won’t venture into the Bajes, powerx4’s etc. the paying bands. Question is how long will they stay distracted. In my opinion squash the revellers band it is a breading ground for trouble always have been and it continues to prove it self as such each yr. A possible solution it to have special kadooment day laws in effect, charge persons, lock them up on the spot, have the soldiers and the boys in blue patrol along side the bands let these guys show their presence along the carnival route ‘…ya want ta give trouble, come!’ We should not be accommodating to a small bunch of idiots who at the end of the day think that the rest of Bim owe it to them.

  2. Jade Cool
    Jade Cool August 28, 2014 at 7:27 pm

    I agree completely cardinal. Why should anyone accommodate a bunch of wild, misbehaved kids? Lock them up if they cause trouble on the roads. I watched the bands this year and was appalled when they eventually came down, with a bunch of police around and behind them. Why? Get rid of the band completely!!


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